Big Boss 9 35th Day with Guatam Gulati, Sunday with Salman Khan

 Gautam came in with a blast, He flirted with Roschelle, and he danced a little on DJ wale babu and told you are doing well.

He went to Mandana and told her that I was also all alone and don’t feel you are alone. To Aman he said you have the quality and guts, Keep it up.

To Kishwer he said you have a strong pair, play as you are playing.

To Rimi he said people love you and live upto their expectation.

He said Prince Ek hei ek reh ga, bhedchal mai mat ghus, chela nahi jeet ta us ke upar wala jeet ta hei. Tu chela lag rha hei.

Salman appeared and talked about nominated members,

Roschelle and Kishwer wer got saved on Saturday.

He welcomed Gautam Gualti, the winner of Big Boss 8, Gautam came on the satge of Bigg boss studio and danced to the song Urvasi Urvasi song.

Salman asked Gautam how is your life after Big Boss 8. Gautam said Big Boss can make and Mar with a contestant’s life. He also added that he got many opportunities after Big Boss 8. Salman asked after Big Boss 8 with who all from Big Boss 8 you have been in contact with? Gautam took name of Mahek and an other member. It means no one keeps in contact with their so-called friends that they make in the house.

Salman Khan connects to Kamiya and karma

Kamiya said I wished I was there in Bog Boss 9; there is so much to do in this season, there are interesting tasks, interesting contestants. But she expressed her disappointment over the tasks that are not done properly this season.

Salman asked how you people feel after meeting Gautam.

Karma, Kamiya and Gautam asked question,

Karma asked Aman why people have formed groups while only one will win BiG Boss 9?

Kamya told Aman you are going well alone but you need to be little aggressive, Aman said I can stop someone talking nonsense but I don’t have that way. Kamya said jitni in logon ki umar hei itni aap ki experience. Salman said he is eleder than me too. Kamya here talked about Price, Suyyash and Kishwer who get aggressive during tasks and don’t hesitate to abuse Aman.

Kamya said Pricne hit Roschelle and it was very bad.

Gautam said there is nothing bad in having a group but all have to have opinions. Kamya said Kishwer that Suyyash and Prince are following Kishwer, they don’t have their opinions.

Who is the wekeast of the house? Salman asked and he himself replied Suyyash and Prince are weakest.

Kishwer defended saying that I don’t influence them.  They discussed about the times when Suyaash and Prince put off their mikes when Kishwer put off her mike.

Kamya told Suyyash that I know you from a long time and you are not the one what you look like and she also said you are not playing your game. Gautam said Bhai-Behan wala system should be done outside the home.

Karma asked Roschelle that Mandana never supported you but you support her every time, is not this double standard approach? She defended saying yes Mandana has not been very kind when she was a partner with her boyfriend Keith, then there were instances when she did not support her and preached against her but she strongly feels that now their equation is good from the 4th week after Keith went out of the house.

Karma appreciated Salman for handling such a diverse group of people.

Karma then asked Salman who plays for aaj ke liye abhi ke liye. Salman said it’s Aman. He came here to change his image. He fell prey of a trap and he wanted to prove that he was not the one that people thought of him, moreover what his parents thought of him.

Kamya told Rishabh he entered like a lion but then he became scared once he got into the game. Gautam also told Rishabh that you are getting scared.

Guatam said mujhe koi mar nahi sakta, ek de ga to do mile ga.

Kamya asked Kishwer about using words like Anpadh, jahil gavar to some members, the way you baheved with Big Boss, aggued with him and insulted him, even you put off your mike proved that you seem stupid.

When Salman asked Gautam who will go till the end? he said mandana, Aman and Roschelle.

Salman showed little footages,

Kishweer was seen warning Prince and Suyyash about not to do masti withy Roschelle.

Rimi, Mandana and Roschelle discussed:  Rimi said mai panga nahi le tei hu because they are boys and aggressive.

Rimi later came to Suyyash and Prince saying I told them strong aadmi ke sath panga nahi le na chahiye? Later she said Mandana and Roschelle mentally frustrate kr de tei hei and later when Prince and Suyyash become aggressive Mandana and Roschelle say they behave like bullies.

Aman told salman already labled them as bullies.

Salman welcomes Daisy Shah and zarin khan; he danced with Daisy andZarin

He said they reminded me Veer and Jai Ho, He then talked about Hate story-3 where Zarin and Daisy are working together. Some kids came onto the stage of Big Boss and they entertained Salman Khan. Salman said Kya ye mere bacche hain.

Daisy and zarine said every woman thinks that my husband should look like Salman Khan while when she gets pregnant she thinks my kid should look like Salman Khan.

Hate story-3 Panel connects to the house members: Salman asked them to talk about their respective hate stories in the house,

Rishabh said my hate story is about Mandana saying she is Poor hearted; Mandana told Rishabh earlier that I can not be you friend and don’t want to be your enemy too.

Roschelle my hate story is about Mandana: first week she said negative remarks about me to my bf, 4th week she gets well with me.

Salman asked where are Sharman and Karan? Daisy and Zarine asked them to come on stage,

Salman asked kitna sharam chor na pada?

Karan said experience bahut hei

They danced to Sadak’ song tumhe apna bana ne ka

Lie-Detector Test

Salman then told the members that they will go through a lie detector test like sach ka samna,

Aman went to sit in the sach ki kursi:  did you steal something? He said sugar but the lie detector flashed red, as Aman stole some chocolates.

2. Do you want to be Big Boss winner? Sach green light was flashed

3. Kishwer and suyyash ko ek sath dekh kar na kush hei:  He said no but the lie detector showed red that means he was unhappy.

4. Kishwer is the man in relationship? Aman said yes, Salam then said it was not a lie detector test question.


 Kys aap apni aur prince ki dosti ko miss kar tei hei? She said yes: lie detectot also agreed and flashed green.

2.      Kya Prince Bevkuf hain? She said yes

3.      Is Prince’s dressing sense bad? She said  yes

4.      Kys aap prince and suyyash ke baje se unsafe feel kar tei ho ? she said yes




1.      Ghar ke sare log mandana se dar tei hei?  yes

2.      Aap ko lag ta hei ki Roschelle two faced: he said no but the lie detector flashed red, it means he lied.


Kya aap ne digi ko like kr na start kr dia hei? He said yes. Salman laughed and said this question os not for lie detector test.


Salman showed a clip where Rishabh was seen saying Digangana that mom and dad se ashirvaad lo advcie nahi. Mandana said jha bhi rishabh hei digi bhi us ke piche piche. Is that an indication that Rishabh and Digangana are falling for each other?


Snapdeal Dil ki deal contest winner gets coonected over phone.

Priaal asked a question to Digangana, who are the members often save you? Prince, Roschelle, Puneet, kishwer, aman and rimi nominated, Digi said Aman and Roschelle often save me.

Salman showed a clip where Rishabh was seen telling Puneet to understand the dynamics of the game.  Rishabh wanted Puneet should have given vote to aman.

Rimim got saved by one votem digi got saved but who got eliminated, It was none other than Puneet.


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