Big Boss 9 Day 12 Kishwer became Captain

 Members of the house woke to the song chinta ta ta chita chita.

Big Boss soon introduced Aman and Kishwer to Big Boss Double trouble room. The double trouble room of Big Boss will be used to take crucial decisions by team members when they will be called into the house. The decisions of the team mates can influence the luck of other teams.

Big Boss gave 3 options to Aman and Kishwer

1 choice: if one out of Aman and Kishwer presses the button located in the double trouble room then all the team members will get free from bandage belt.

2nd Option: if both press the button then Aman and Kishwer will only remain in Bondage and rest all will get free.

3 rd option - If both of them do not press buttons then all others will get free from bondage except Aman and Kishwer and pair of their choice.


The double trouble rooms were adjacent to each other. These are like telephone booths. Aman and Kishwer were not able to see through the double trouble room. It was all a matter of luck what option they had to choose.

Kishwer came back to the living room after finishing the task. Aman comes after her. Big Boss then announced that only Aman has pressed the button. ALL the members got free from bondage.

Kishwer and Rochelle were seen discussing about the age of Yuvika’s age.  Kishwer said she must be 30 plus.

Big Boss soon announced Kishwer as the captain of the house and gave her a task of giving 6 titles to the house members as per her observation. The Title holders have to wear the Titles given to them around their neck.

1 Title of boring went to Arvind: As per Kishwer after Ankit left the Jodi Arvind gets into a shell.

2nd Title of Rule breaker went to Rochelle as Rochelle sometimes speaks in Hindi.

3RD Title of Entertainer goes to Prince

4th Title of Nakli went to Mandana as Kishwer feels Mandana sometimes behaves very artificial.

5th Title of Unhygienic went to Aman because Aman was seen spiting in the sink.

6th Title of Kamchor went to Vikas as Kishwer felt Last week Vikas was captain but he did not work and contributed well.

Mandana talked about her nakli title with Rimi, she said I felt useless.

Big Boss soon announced OPPO R 7 Plus selfie contest by diving the team in 2. As per the task each team has to take selfies with the help of the OPPO R 7 Plus, selfie should have the pic of 2 members. When Team A would take selfie team B could distract them without touching them. BEDROOM, LIVING ROOM, BATH ROOM, GARDEN are the places where selfies have to be taken.

Team A comprised of MANADANA, ROOPAL, Rochelle, AMAN, KEITH and ARVIND

Team B: Suyyash, YUVIKA, KISHWER, VIKAS, Prince, Rimi

Digangana was given the task of a manger or administrator who would judge which team is performing better.

Team A performed the task first. They were been distracted by the members if Team B. When the Team B performed they got distracted by Team A too but the distraction was little outrageous and physical.Kishwer said the team A got physical. Suyyash and Rochelle went into a heated argument while Kishwer told Rochelle to stay away as she felt Rochelle was getting physical while she took a selfie. Even Kishwer shouted at Rochelle.

At 12 Pm: Digangana asked which of the team was subject to unfair treatment. She herself felt it was Team A which was violent and physical towards the Team B.

At 1 pm : Big Boss showed 4 selfies from each team, It was found that the selfies of Team A were better comparing to Team B.  Digangana added the selfies of the Team A were better because Team B let them take selfies even though the task allowed them to distract Team B. The conclusion was that Team B won as a result.


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