Big Boss 9 Day 22 23 24th : Hotel Big Boss Task follows Prince and Rishabh

Rishabh Sinha enters the house with Band Baja. Digangana said Rishabh sinha had a fight with her before.

Rishabh asked for cold water. Yuvika gave her water, Rishab drank water directly from the bottle to which Kishwer objected and said you should have asked for a glass. Rishabh said he thought glasses are not available in Big Boss house.

Rishabh introduced him to everyone. When he saw Digangana, he asked what’s your name, Digangana replied saying what’s your name? In fact they both knew each other.

Rishabh then  said he is don.

Mandana sad aap kya kr te ho ? Rishabh said kamal kr ta hu.

Aman met him, when other members asked what his profession is ? Rishabh said I earn money from real estate business.

Kishwer said he was sent to fight with us.

Mandan said Rochelle has few fights with me, Rishabh talked to mandana, mandana said prince gusse wala hei ( Prince is an angry man), Rishabh said tum kaun se shant ho ( you too is not very clam).

Rishabh advised mandana  that ghar mai koi dost nahi hei, mauke pr jo kam aye vo dost hei ( No one is a friend in Big Boss house but when someone helps you in need, he/she becomes your friend)

Digangana discussed about her tussle with Rishabh, she narrated the story, Digangana and Rishabh were supposed to be shooting a show together, she had her 10th exam in the next day, she said he was drunk and he took so many retakes, she later told him to please finish the takes because she has her exam in the next day, instead of listening to her he had an outburst of anger, he verbally abused her, he created a scene, bhaut baten ho gai, he did not even say sorry, he lodged a complaint against him with the police, but he did not say sorry to her.

Mandana under influence of Rishabh came to keith and Rochelle to say thanks to them as they helped her when she was ill. Rochelle did not allow Mandana to talk to her as well as keith, she even told keith not to talk to her. Rochelle said when Mandana was keith’s partner she said a lot of negative things about her like Rochelle has no mind ( dimag nahi hei), tell her to do that, do this.

Rishabh said mere ane se thoda to raunak ayi ghar pr (he brought energy in the house)

Kishwer talked to Rimi about her choice of filmes, Rimi said she abhorred of kissing scene and bed scene and due to which she lost many film offers.

Rochelle thanked Rishabh as he cleaned the pool, to which Rishabh said drashan kr te raho mai pool saaf kr ta rahu ga (I will keep on doing if I see you at the pool side every morning)

Keith and Rochelle were seen romancing inside the pool while swimming.

Rishabh told yuvika that she looked very calm in the house; he also asked her did she get scared of others?

Rishabh asked Rimi why you always complain against Big Boss, did Big Boss force her to join as a participant?

You say aap jha kha raheo ho wha thuk reh ho, bejjati kr reh ho, jaise pasie diye hei nahi. Rishabh said it’s a 2 way contract, if you return their money then the contract will become null and void. You can always breach the contract. To this Rimi said no.

Rishabh Said say big boss sorry and tell him that you will do participate.  Rimi said chup chap reh na hei meditation kr na hei ( Rimi said I want to stay silent and I have come here to meditate )

Yuvika said maine hungama kia hei us ka kya ?

Rishabh said kishwer is someone who he never liked.

Rishabh said as a viewer he liked Mandana.

Everyone talked about Rishabh, Suyyash told Rochelle about the meaning of Rishabh’s sentence, darshan de te raho mai pool saaf kr ta rahu ga, digi, Suyyash said it was a double meaning sentence.

Big Boss nominations starts

Evey house member has to nominate 3 others. They need to tear the pics of the member who they want to nominate and put the torn pics in burning fire.

Big Boss said Prince and suyyash cannot be nominated

Prince got a special right: one whose name prince takes will straight away nominate.

Prince nominated Mandana.

Yuvika nominated Rimi sen : As per Yuvika Rimi as she does not want to involve her in the game.

She nominated Digangana as she feels left out.

Her 3rd nomination was Aman, her reason was he is a strong contestant and he will not go. Big Boss said the reason is not a valid reason. Then her 3rd nomination was

Keith as she said we never knew one and another and we never interacted much.

Kishwer’s first nomination was Aman: She said we did talk since a week.

Her 2nd nomination was Rimi: As she is not serious and never wanted to be serious.

Her 3rd nomination was Rochelle: Kishwer talked about last week when she upset her. She said during task she told Suyyash that your girlfriend is very loud, Kishwer also indicated that her basic nature will not change

Manada’s Nominations

Her first nomination was Rimi: She said after a point it becomes annoying, the time should be enjoyed. She also said people die to be a part of Big Boss.

He 2nd nomination was Rochelle: she said her plus point is her partner; she wanted to see if someone goes out of the game then how the other play would.

Her 3rd Nomination was Aman: As he is smart, intelligent and a possible threat

Digangana’s Nominations

Rimi:  you’re not respectful to the tasks, nahi aap kisi bhi partnership ki kamjor kadi ho, with you someone’s strength become weakness

Yuvika: she said with Yuvika she had not interacted much,jitni bhi baten hui hei,all work related, but not about each other.

Aman : I could not understand you.

Rochelle’s nominations

Rimi : Being her partner her demotivated spirit affected her performance.

Yuvika : you did not take any stand, not entertaining, we came to contest and entertain.

Digi: you are a kid, for some time you should remain as a kid

Rimi’s Nominations:

Digi : she told Digi you have a genuine personality  and soft-hearted,  You need manipulation to survive in the house.

Rochelle: sometimes Overreact, BP high ho ja ta hei.

Aman : Samjh ne mai time lag rha hei ( for her she still could not understand Aman )

Kieth’s Nominations

Rimi : demotivation

Yuvika : she does not come out, undecided, too much rethinking

Kishwer : guessing then said nayi baaten aise nahi hoti hei

Suyyash’s Nominations

Digangana : genuinely enjoy kr ni hei, innocence ko bacha ke rah na

Rimi : thali mai paros ke dio ja ne par bhi perform anhi kr rahi hei, pls respect the game respect kro

Aman : Genuine efforts, but I did not understand much.


Aman’s Nominations

Kishwer : aap ke taraf se bhi bbaten nahi hui hei.

Rimi : aap ki responsibility thi you should play

4 ja chuke hei, thodi si kadar kar na sikho, he actually said those 4 members who got evicted out of the house really wanted to play but you are here because of public voting and you do not participate.

Suyyash, mandana, Rimi, Aman, yuvika and digi are nominated.

Rimi se yuvika : stand lungi yuvika

Suyyash said Risbah’s double meaning sentence to R why you said ?

Koi hideen agenda: Bhai kgf kishwer I don’t want to talk: Agar mai baat kr ta hu to phir us ke point mai aap bhi aa jao.

Rishabh said I genuinely I don’t like you.

Rochelle talked to Rishabh that there is a class in this house; just to bring energy you should not do cheap things.

There was no agenda Rishabh said, Keith came in between and warmed him pls stay away from double meaning things or else it would not be tolerated.

Rochelle later talked to Keith about  prince who can  give support to kishwer and Suyyash.


23rd day of Big Boss 9

Mandana and Yuvika freed from the punishment given to them.

Kishwer and suyyash talked about Rochelle that she is very cunning, Keith is nothing comparing her.

Big Boss announced a new task called Big Boss Hotel

Mandana and Rishabh become main guests of the house. They came to the house, all other members become hotel staff, thet welcomed them, gave them welcome lemonade drink.

(Big Boss told Mandana and Rishabh that they have to split at least 2 members of thehouse and made them give up the task, if they will be able to succeed in that then for the next nominations they will have immunity, this is as per their Big Boss’s secret dealing with both of them)

Rishabh told prince (manager of the hotel BB) that the house is dirty, Pool is dirty, and toilet is dirty.

Mandana and Rishabh  talked about dirty mirror, floor is not clean, sofa has hair, cleanliness is in the hotel is aweful.

Yuvika and Digangana came with lemonade for the guests, Both Rishabh and Mandana asked them several time to prepare the lemonade properly, they sent them back sometimes saying they need sugar while sometimes Mandana said she needs salt. The purpose is to irritate the hotel staff.

Then they ordered Kishwer to bring orange juice, Rishabh demanded ice cubes for the juice, he also demanded more lemon for it.

He made her work.

Everyone from the hotel Staff tasted the orange juice before serving them.

Mandana said we want to see them cleaning the rooms.

Mandana went to the reception asked prince to give them few staff of their choice to clean the hotel rooms.

Kishwer took an ice cube and took it inside her mouth, she put the same ice cube in the orange juice she served the guests (Mandana and Rishabh  )

Rishab said my legs are paining, he wanted suyyash to massage his legs, Suyyash did it for a long a time.

Prince was angry over Mandana and Rishabh ‘s behavior, Prince said let the hotel task gets over I will make them clean the whole house.

Sargun Mehta, a previous Big Boss contestant came as a guest, she was warmly welcomed by the hotel BB members.

Big Boss asked the special guests to rate the hotel staff, manager, if the rating was less than 5 then prince will be nominated.

Sargun asked Rimi why she is so sad, she felt it was her strategy. She encouraged her to start talking.

She also remarked Task adha adhura, saaf safai adha adhura

Sargun, mandana and Rishabh started making wicked plans

Sargun asked Rishabh did you have a fight with Digangana outside Big Boss house, and then they planned to tell her to cook non vegetarian food.

At evening Sargun, mandana and Rishabh played a wicked stuff for the hotel BB staff. They planned to make the toilets dirty for which they pulled out lots of tissue papers, put tooth paste on these and rubbed the floor with toothpaste laden tissues. Then they went to the living area and put the clothes to the floor to untidy the BB hotel.

Kishwer and others were seen manicuring mandana.

Aman saw the toilets and surprised, he said tooth paste nikal nikal ke laga ya hei.

He also told saying 7th star hotel having 1 star guests; all decided how to clean the toilets. We will decide which bath room to use Rishabh and Sargun said.

7.30 pm: Kishwer came with a menu for the guests, Finally Rishabh and Mandana decided to have pasta, Chinese chicken.

Rishabh categorically told Digangana will make chicken and Keith will make pasta.

Around 8 Pm Rishabh said we will play a game with a selected staff, He told suyyash to play the role of a dog and entertain the guests. He through a piece of plastic looking exactly like a bone and told him to pick it up from the ground. Suyyash felt humiliated but he did what Rishabh said. As per the rules in the hotel no staff can say no to the requests of guests.

Food preparation started. Digangana has never made chicken so she was a bit reluctant to cook chicken, keith was supposed to make Pasta but he also tried to help digi in cooking chicken. Mandana saw this and complained that Keith should not help Digangana.

Rishabh named Kishwer as Oscar, his dog, he used her to sit like a dog, and crawl like a dog for a long time, and pick up things he threw. Kishwer felt humiliated, she even had little bruises. This went on for 3 hours.

Prince was angry seeing Rishabh playing dirty tricks, he said is ko kutta bana na hei mujhe ( He said I will make him a dog) , he also said he is waking up his father (baap ko jaga rha hei)

Chicken nahi bna na hei to mat bana, digi said don’t teach me: Mandana said if you don’t want to cook chicken please give up but don’t take help of keith. Digangana replied don’t teach me what should I cook and how.

9 o clock: kishwer brought a glass of water, spitted inside and served the same to Rishabh.

Time came when Big Boss announced that Sargun has to check out from Hotel Big boss, before checking out he requested to give ratings for the hotel BB based on the services of hotel, behavior of hotel staff and overall satisfaction. She was not happy about the tasks not completed, so from the reception she pulled out one star.

Rishabh made kishwer to play a dog and it went on for a long time. Everyone in the house talked about how he became so mean, even he did not spare a girl.

24th Day Big Boss 9

Andy came as a special guest, he was welcomed by a song Aao hazur tum ko, He was served a welcome drink, he complained about the drink saying it is awful.

Kishwer was told to remain as Rishabh’s dog for 3 hours, she had bruises, suyyash took Andy to a separate room and told him how Rishabh did not even spare a girl, he pleaded please stop him saying Kishwer had a ligament tear, as she is playing a dog here; she almost bruised her legs and hands.

Prince, manager of hotel BB and Rishabh had a bitter fight, Rishabh told him to sit in murga posture to which said no and they fought among one another, Price showed aggression, he went little nearer to his body and they were almost having a bitter fight. Prince shouted on him saying Tu Murga.

Morning 8 o clock everyone woke to a beautiful song. Everyone danced and laughed

10.30 am: Aman was seen massaging Mandana’s legs while other members are seen giving pedicure and manicure to them. Everyone argued with Rishabh about tasks he has been assigning, he said you will not decide what tasks he should give.

Rishabh and Prince fought once again over breakfast, they argued, Rishabh said they got hurt and he said they should not say no to tasks.

Big Boss announced the Andy should check out from Hotel BB.

Andy, are you satisfied of the services of hotel BB? Big Boss asked .Andy was very kind to retain his 7TH star: he said whenever I asked something from the BB hotel staff I got the same.

Prince told Rishabh that put your mike as per the rule, they argued. And it was a little intimidating for Rishabh, Prince shouted at him and he also kept on saying him nakli (fake).

A new guest comes in, she is none other than ALI, and they served welcome drink: He said the welcome drink was truly bad, everyone asked what would you eat? He said give me surprise. He said I am a big fan of Rimi. When he knew that Rimi is going to a nearby gym in Mumbai, he too joined the same gym but Rimi kept on changing gyms, perhaps she did not like me.

He went to Rimi asked the reason why she kept on ignoring him. It was obviously humorous, later he requested Rimi to give him a shoulder massage.

Next guest of the house was Sana

Manager Prince showed that it’s your home. Sana asked what is special in this hotel. She asked.

Sana and Rishabh decided to tell Digangana to wear swimming costume as per a task given to her. She did not agree to it and finally gave up the task.

Mandana and Sana then talked about telling Aman to shave his head. Aman agreed to do the task and he got his head shaved.


Sana looked for Prince at the reception and she asked him to stay at the reception.

Prince said digi if you don’t want to wear swim suit you can leave.

Ali said Rimi that they will assign her a task of coloring her hair. Rimi said no to it and gave up the task, resigned from being Hotel BB staff.

They said tell on the Camera that they leave their Job at Big Boss hotel employees which they did.

Digangana said I am quitting because I am unable to fulfill the target.

Yuvika also left the Job.

Then assigned a task of coloring Kishwer and Rochelle black and red dots, they accepted the task.


Big Boss: Ali and Sana to check out Ali gave 7 stars

Sana said I want to take out one star but as all insisted she said keith has say something that can please her, Keith kneeled down and said no one is as beautiful like you who came in Big Boss house.

Big Boss announced that luxury budget task is finished now. Hotel BB task finishes. Big Boss appreciates the members of the house for their contribution.

3 members left the job in between, Big Boss revealed that as per a secret agenda Mandana and Rishabh were told to make at least 2 members leave the tasks, Due to their successful completion of the assigned task they got immunity, Prince will be nominated as he was able to retain the stars of the hotel BB.

Everyone said about how they played dogs and they had a painful time, Prince said negative about Rishabh. Mandana said it was all task. Digangana argued with Mandana that she played cheap tricks while Kihswer, Suyyash and others said Rishabh was unfair in assigning the tasks, they also argued why he targeted girls and why he did even spare to make Kishwer to play a dog.

Later Prince and Rishabh were seen having a bitter fight, they shouted at each other and Rishabh told prince to maintain distance. Kishwer said let us give him a task of 20 push-ups; she said he can’t even do that.

Kishwer later said why he did not assign the tasks to other and targeted only Kishwer. Rishabh told Aman and Keith were my friends so he did not select them as targets for the task.


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