Big Boss 9 Day 28 with Salman Khan, Salman Sonam enters Big Boss house, Yuvika Evicted

Kisi ke haath chal te hei kisi ke pair hamare do no chal tei hei, salman Dances to the song Prem Leela from his upcoming movie.

He wishes Diwali to others. Patake dikha ta hu he said, Salman showed what happened in the house,

Mandana said Aap log itna low JA sakte hei, what big boss said I did, mai stupid ban gayi, I am a player you all said; you people gave me so many names.

Yuvika interrupted and Kishwer joined with her, Thoda sense rakh na chahiye and limit mai reh na chahiye tha Kishwer said, Kishwer said I have seen her saying Kutta bna ke maja aya tha, Tumhare kha ne mai thuka nahi tha kihswer shouted. Kishwer said we don’t need to explain as Mandana and Rishabh did not explain what they did.

Mandana asked Aman can I go out by paying penalty. Mandana asked Big Boss to go out. She cried.

Everyone went back when they spitted. Aman and kishwer argued on spitting. Sikkon ki chori and thuka na are different, Aman told Kishwer.

Rishabh said digi that you get influenced. Aman said kishwer you go to personal level when you people do task.

Aman complained whenever he tries to talk to Suyyash, Kishwer comes in between; they have had a verbal argument.

Kishwer said Rochelle please don’t talk about Aman, I know him. Suyyash told Aman that you should have told us that you all should not spit. Aman strongly objected saying you were not kids.

Digangana told Rishabh that Rochelle used your brush in cleaning bathroom. Rochelle said did you see me doing, kishwer and yuvika said you came and happily said that you did that. Rishabh called Rochelle stupid to which they argued and scolded each other.

Sab Log sab kr te hei bura ban te hei Kishwer, Kishwer said venting her frustration on the allegation of spitting.

Salman connects to members of Big Boss; Salman said someone will go out.

Salman said why YOU are crying Mandana. Why you are saying you want to go home, weak ladki hei bar bar ro te hei, If you can quit this job you can quit anywhere, nobody will caste you, Salman told Mandana.

Rishabh and Mandana won the task but they were labeled as worst performer. If kishwer would have done for 6 hours how would you blame Rishabh suyyash ko kha Salman.

Slaman Khan told Rochelle to tell about why they were labled as worst performers

Salman told Aman to solve the mystery of worst performer, Aap ne aap ko personal level se cut off nahi kr pa te, Rishabh ko ek level pr ja kr ruk ja na chahiye tha Aman said.

Rishabh said I don’t have anything to do. I don’t have vendetta.

Rochelle said Rishabh changes himself every day, sometimes he becomes devil, sometimes don, sometimes joker.

Complaint box Task: Members had put complaints in the box against each other, now they had to explain why they complained against that particular

Rochelle: Kisi ke sath to kisi aur ke sath manadan ke sath jhagda kra de tei hei, Rochelle said I am sweet.

Big Boss ke sari seasons dekhi before coming in the house, Rishabh said she is vomiting here. Rochelle said Rishabh clam down.

Puneet comes to the podium: He said in last 9 years he saw only 15 episodes of Big Boss, Salman Khan said let me ask question?

Har baat mai abhiman nahi hona chahiye he says but he shows the same, he said everyone sees talent in Mandana, when he indicated the same to Salman saying Aap ko bhi Mandana mai potential deikh ta hei, Salman said are you an eye specialist?

Agla iljam : 18 saal ki choti ladki ko emotional kr ke gaadi mai kichi, Salam Khan said.

Digi said I did not know Puneet earlier, my parents might have met before he came in. if you sit in Rishabh’s car your parents will feel insulted, nani ki kasam bhi dia tha Puneet ne.

Her parents came to me Puneet said  and they hate Rishabh.

Last iljam : you give negative vibes to other, juth bolt te hei, fake insan ho. Prince wrote, Puneet said 17 18 saal se kam kr rha hu. 3 pictuire chor ke aya hu aya, Salman asked why? He said my family wanted to be in Big Boss 9. Members of house also complained how he told things about Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. Shah Rukh khan ko train kia tha, Salman se ye karya,

Puneet reminded he was there in Pardesh and train kia tha auzaar mai, Salman said don’t look like a fool in the show by saying this.


Prem Ratan Dhan Payo parivar meets Big Boss Parivar

Big Boss welcomed all the actors and actresses of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Sonam, Neil Nitin and other actors of the family. They danced to Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’s tile song. Then Salman made a blasting entry into the house.

Big Boss gave wishes of success for Salman and other cast and crew of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

Members of Big Boss performed for Salman Khan, they performed to Payo song. Female members of Big Boss house (Mandana, Yuvika, Rimi and Kishwer) performed to the song with perfection; even Salman went to the stage and danced with them

Rochelle and Mandana come to stage as asked by Salman, they were put in a saree wearing contest, and Salman also participated with them. Rochelle put on the saree faster than Mandana and Salman but Sonam also appreciated Salman’s effort.

Jelebi preparation by Salman and Sonam





Salman told everyone that there is a scene in the movie where Salman and sonam make Jalebi in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, now they wanted to do the same here in BIG Boss house to check who makes better Jalebi.

Sonam and Salman prepared JALEBI, contest is about who makes better jalebi?

Salman made Jalebi and shared with all members, everyone appreciated Salman’s skill in preparing Jalebi.

Now the time came when Salman talked about eviction, He took names of the nominated members and public votes for and against them.

Kam vote aye hain, naughty boy Aman, everyone thought its Aman who is getting nominated but he asked whose name would be if Aman is not going? Rimi Sen, he took name of Rimi. Rimi said I am happy.

Salman put some suspense first he said its Aman, Mandana said no he is a good guy he should not be evicted, When Salman took Rimi’s name everyone felt as if it was expected. But there was more to the suspense. Finally Salman asked Yuvika to come out of the Big Boss house as she is evicted, Everyone in the house got very surprised, Yuvika became 4th week eviction.

Salman then talked about a scene in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo where Sonam ko Taraju mai rakh kr sone par tola ja ta hei. He said let’s have a similar task where some of the members will weighed as per theor good or bad qualities.

In the task one would be sitting at one side of the Taraju  and  one would put weight at the other side as per qualities of that person. Every weight kept have certain names.

Mandana comes first:  Prince puts weight as per qualities of Mandana he sees,

Aakdu ziidi ( Arrogant) :  40kg weight

Gussa : Weight

Rondu 5 kg

Sundar 2 kg

This way he weighed Mandana.

Mandana told prince that I am not going to be impressed by your muscles

Rishabh to Rochelle,

20 kg matlabi

Dramebaj or nauktanki



Kishwer, Aman puts weight






Kishwer said I am animated and I am not matlabi.

Aman sat and Suyyash puts weight

Suyyash puts weights as per below

Nakli : 20 kg




Later Big Boss announces Nominations in front of Salman in the next episode.


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