Big Boss 9 Day 29 Day 30 Nomination with Salman Khan

Nomination with Salman Khan Big Boss 9 Day 29

Dart nomination with Salman Khan went well.

29th day morning: All wake amy amy amy loot gya song.

Mandana and Rochelle and Aman discussed, Aman talked about the task where he and Mandana had to push each other with their palms and stay till 3 mins, Mandana said no to the task due to which Aman could not become captain. Aman said how could kishwer agreed to do the dog task and did it for 3 hours, as per her she had wrist injury, Aman further said Kishwer wanted to show others that how tortured she felt.

3 mins task nahi kr sakti thei but dikhaa tha mai kitna torture ho rahi hu, Juth sahi galat we don’t know, kishwer made me feel insulted, Aman said.

Rochelle said jis ne kutta bnaya us ko captain bna ya, mandana said they could not have controlled me but Rishabh ko control kr sakte hei ( Mandana and Rochelle discussed about Kishwer,Suyyash and Prince, they said Rishabh gave them the dog task and humiliated Suyyash and Kishwer but they still nominated Rishabh as captian.)

Later Prince,Mandana and Suyyash discussed Aman as a man in charge of Kitchen is a cause of food waste, they said he makes excess food that eventually goes waste while they also said they put more oil into food.

Aman to Digangana : Nani wali baten puneet ko nahi keh nei thi : Rishabh said I hate her mom dad, they really spoiled his image.

Mandana said Puneet instead of talking about yourself try to know others. As a Wild entry you should bring new fun, new energy into the house.

Later Puneet was seen creating music with his legs and hands by tapping on the wooden stairs.

Digangana was seen throwing food in disposal bin. Aman told don’t eat that food as its semi boiled and smelling. Suyyash objected why you threw food? Digi and Aman indicated that Mandana does not know how to cook.

At evening: 6 nominated members can be safe by a task they have to win support of the other members. Nominated members have to stand next to each other and members who are not nominated will have to support members who are nominated, before those members who are nominated and standing for support will have to convince the members who are sitting opposite to each other in order to win support. All members who are to support the nominated members have given red ribbons while Captain Rishabh has got blue ribbon. Members who support other nominated members will give red ribbons to them while Rishabh can only give a blue ribbon to any one of the nominated members.

Puneet: said I have done so many films, I am also a music director, God has done some short circuit, When they talked about ego he said gyan and expericne ko agar aap log Abhiman keh te ho then yes I am Abhimani

Rimi said I am not for this game, Mandana said I am not convinced

Aman said I have 18 years of experience in the industry , dimag logical type chal ta hei, kishwer ke haat mai dard hei, 2 hafte ke bad she did a task for 3 hours, problem nahi ayi , It was his decision to take away that bone from her mouth, hadi mu se utha kr fek dia.

Prince said I told to put that bone out but Aman said it was me who did that, Prince said I told this to suyyash ko kha tha.  There was heated argument over it. Aman said I am always being very fair. Ek level ke bad kisi chiz ko kich na was not good while smane wale ke pas rights tha to give up. Prince said why you did not go to kishwer and solve your issues, was it your ego prince asked Aman?

Rochelle : MISS india jeet ne ke bad 2012 mai I have come here to imorove my hindi, personality and strength , I want to achieve, I am very deserving to stay in the house.

Kishwer said I have 17 years of experience, I think mental strength hei, Mandana said when someone who does not agree your opinion you get loud. Mandana aslo said Closh on opionin should be

Question to price :  Prince said I become mad when I get task, I Don’t give up, Mandana said dimag use nahi kr te ho price, to this prince said Har task mai dimag use kr ta hu.

Prince got 4 vote and won the task

He can nominate someone to save him from elimination: he chooses Suyyash.

Puneet and Aman talked that as kishwer, suyyash and prince have made a group for themselves so prince saved suyyash.

Kishwer told prince you should have saved weak members like Digangana.

Rimi said Rochelle that you are not weak; you are even doing well without keith.

Puneet said mandana don’t be bossy. Last week you wanted to go home cried now you said we need to do tasks without complaining. She defended herself saying I always give 200% to all tasks. Authoritativeness and boosy

Digangana acted on a famous scene from Amitabh’s Diwaar over an emotional dialogue.

She delivered the dialogues so well during the act.


30th Day Big Boss 9

Rishabh and Aman were seen brain-washing Digi saying no one will be a friend in this house. Digi said she sees clear fear of nomination fear in Rochelle and Suyyash.

Big Boss announces a new task by forming 2 teams

Team B: Kishwer, Suyyash, Prince, Rimi and Puneet

Team A: Mandana, Rishabh, Aman, Rochelle.

Rickshaw Task

What the task all about?

Team A has to occupy the Rickshaw and run it without stopping while people from Team B has given a task of disturbing the team A and force them to give up, in the process no one from Team B should touch anyone from Team A.

Mandana started throwing oil, turmeric water onto the members of Team A who were sitting in the Rickshaw. There were lots of heated verbal exchanges of words, Team A members told Mandana to find some noble way to play the task rather playing cheap tricks.

Aman from Team A put an umbrella in the wheels of the Richshaw, to this Prince and Kishwer objected saying he is destroying the property of Big Boss house.

Syuuash and Rishabh also had verbal warfare during the task while Aman and prince were seen fighting each other.

Mandana brought Turmeric powder and salt and threw towards the team A members. On this act Puneet got angry and said a foreigner cannot understand the relevance of haldi.

When Rochelle and Mandana objected saying you are spreading words of discrimination and it has never happened till now, Puneet defended saying I said in foreign food haldi is not used.

Puneet’s words for Mandana : Haldi isisliye layi hei ki foreign food mai haldi nahi dala ja ta hei, Puneet shouted.

Next activity Kochi Task (Passing fish through mouth )

Big Boss siren rang and all members went to a room where Big Boss welcomed both teams saying welcome to Kochi.

Task Detail

As per the task members of Team A and B have to pass fished kept on a plate through their mouth, The team which passes on all the fishes from their respective plates and kept these at the other plate kept at the other end of the table will be declared the winner.

Kochi Challenge Team A won: They have the right to make one of the members out of the game.

Now as the Team A won they have the right to remove one member of Team B from the Rickshaw task.

Team A eliminated Prince out of the task.

In place of Prince they could have removed Rimi.

As per instruction from Big Boss Team B has started the Rickshaw task as usual. When the task was in its continuation Prince stole fruits from the kitchen and Mandana’s clothes and passed on to his team in Rickshaw.

There was an argument when prince passed fruit and Mandana’s clothes to his team members doing the Rickshaw Task.

Rishabh from Team A said you can’t eat anything and Prince cannot help you, to this Team B member kishwer said as per the guidelines the member who was eliminated from Rickshaw task can help his team.

Prince targeted mandana’s clothes, Prince went and slept on mandana’s bed, mandana said go out of my bed, be a man, play like man.

Kishwer has left no chance in destroying Mandana’s clothes.

Siren goes on for another task,

Dhokla Task: Mandana from Team A and Suyyash from Team B went to perform the task.

Mandana was slow in eating the dhoklas while Suyyash was faster and he finished more number of dhoklas in the designated time.

Before entering the task room some of the team members waited for the others as they went to the toilet, Kishwer was seen saying pant mai susu kr dungi mai besharam hu ( I won’t mind urinating inside my pants)

Team B won the task.

All will continue in the task without prince, Rikshaw pr beth jaye Big Boss asked the teams.

Some of the members were seen obstructing each other’s way, Puneet could not rickshaw with in the time the siren rang, hence Puneet was out of the task.

Rishabh said Rimi was playing game, don’t take her granted. Rimi is stronger than kishwer, she is not hyper like Kihswer. Rishabh said prince is arrogant while mandana said he is dumb.

Question to Rimi : Aap pehli contented ho jo 4 hafte beth kr nikal dia, Mandana said are you paid audience

Rimi said I have no expression in my real life. I am very calm and only during film shoots I change expressions.

Kabaddi Task Big Boss 9

Team B won due to Suyyash’s performance and it was Rishab and Aman’s mistake for which they lost.

Mandana said thanks for destroying my clothes, she also said this is not decency, Puneet said aap ko kapdon pr ana hei nahi chahiye tha ( Puneet said Mandana you targeted on out clothes first that is why you got its outcome.)

Rocheel and Mandana said Rishab seemed he was not by our side, he spoiled our work Aman also did not give any idea.


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