Big Boss 9 Day 2

Big Boss’s house is ready with full of activities during the 2nd day of Big Boss 9. There are gossips among participants; there were plans of nominating pairs. Amid all this Prince Narula and Roopal Tyagi ran into a discussion. Prince Narula talked about his past especially about his college day when he was an angry man. He would always ready to get into a fight. He contested for college president. He later confessed that as he grew he got mature and cool but the angry streak is still within him.

Kishwer Merchant and Aman Verma were called inside the confession room of Big Boss where he asked them to communicate about luxury budget subject to the tasks they have to perform.

Rochelle Rao talked about her love for Keith Sequeira, she called her honest and very loving.

Prince Narula and Rochelle Rao nominated Digangana Suryavansi and Roopal Tyagi  for the first task of Big Boss 9, Omphalophobia or Belly Button Phobia. Digangana Suryavansi and Roopal Tyagi   accepted the task. As per the task they needed to stick their nose to someone’s bellybutton for 3 mins. Even though they abhorred the task they could successfully completed the task. 

Next comes the Balloon phobia where Keith Sequeira and Mandana Karimi nominated Arvind Vegda and Ankit Gera. As per the task they had to burst 10 balloons each by blowing air into it.  They both successfully completed the task.

The 3rd task was named obesophobia. Kishwer Merchant and Aman Verma nominated Yuvika Choudhary and Vikas Bhalla. It was a tough task where Yuvika and Vikas had to eat all the food served for them in 15 minutes. Big boss kept French fries, toasts, cake, jalebi, chocolates, juice, pizza and much more for them. Food to finish within 15 mins was huge for them. Yuvika was heard saying its food for 15 people. They eventually lost the task.

4th task in the day 2 was Phalacrophobia: Phobia of baldness: Arvind and Ankit nominated Suyyash Rai and Rimi Sen. As per the task they had to shave their heads. Suyyash was ready after reluctance but Rimi straightaway said no to Big Boss.


Next tasks are yet to be held in day -3. Music phobia and Aichmophobia are the tasks left.





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