Big Boss 9 Day 36 Day care teachers vs SharartiBachay

 Suyyash, Prince and Kishwer discussed about what we would do when I come in between task. Kishwer said when Roschelle and Mandana come in between task they would fight with each other, their tall talk about bonding will vanish.

Rimi said I will not participate. Rishabh irritated why you don’t say no to task, from 5 weeks you are saying I will not do tasks but you keep doing the tasks half-heartedly, Rishabh even said give them back their money and say good bye to house if you.

Roschelle said Aman Prince and Suyyash tried to talk to me but kishwer did not. Roschelle, Mandana and Digi were seen talking to each other about Suyyash and Roschelle, they said I have heard Suyyash and Prince saying they drink everyday (Roj Pi ta hu)

Aman said how proud they feel saying they drink every day.

Big Boss gave luxury budget task called “SharartiBachay”- Naughty children.

SharartiBachay: Prince, Rishabh, Roschelle, Kishwer to play naughty children.

Day care staff or teachers: suyyash, aman, mandana, Digangana

Rimi: sanchalak or organizer

Task activities: Day care teachers have to take care of the naughty children through out the day, they have to feed them, change their diaper, and teach them. If they turn naughty during the course of the day, without slapping or hitting them they have to bring them to track.

Rimi from the very beginning

Mandana was a teacher; Rishabh and Roschelle were seen irritating her.

They have to change diaper

Aman lifted Kishweer and took her to change her diaper. Digi also tried to change her diaper.

Later all members told that as Rimi is not there in the task things are not goinBag good.

Roschelle said it was a fun task and as Rimi is not there things are not going good, Prince went and called to look after the task.

Prince said we were not given food, milk, and no one saved me

Rishabh asked Prince to take away digi’s mike; suyyash shouted children don’t have that much energy.

Prince, rishabh and Roschelle and kishwer pushed digi into the swimming pool. Roschelle was seen putting dirt over Digi’s head. Later prince was seen pushing Digi into water.

Khyal rakh na hei, discipilnem kr na hei: shuyyash said Boig Boos

Kishwer said we will irriate day care teachers

Suyyash said as Rimi is not helping as sanchalaka and Mandana is ill but there is no physicality in the task she could do many activities that can be done.

Digi said this is not a game 3 of us pushed me, it is not a physical game. Digi said you can’t be physical. She reffred that Mandana’s mike incident.  Roschelle said we can be that physical.

Mandana was seen feeding Rishabh. Rishabh asked mere ke chor kar mat jao, he also said mujhe kisi do. He said I want your kiss and then food to mandana. You will not have anything mandana said. He irritated her saying I want manada’s Kisi, suyyash and Aman later helped mandana in feeding Rishabh food and they also changed his diaper.

Mandana gave her a kiss and Aman and Suyyash also kissed him.

Mandana said you can’t pull me, she indicated about Rishabh, Mandana said I am ill, I don’t have capacity so pls be tolerant, my back has problem.

Mandana said everyone is targeting me. Mandana said I am out of the game, I am not playing.

Rimi later said I also give up. Suyyash could not convince Rimi. Prince said why Rimi is not going out, all the members talked about Prince.

Digangana later asked the members playing the role of Naughty children to tell words as per Alphabets,

A se le kar Z tak words recite kr na,

A for aa aa aja aa aa aja: kishwer said and Prince and Rishabh also told the same.

B for Ba Ba Baaj

Cha cha acha

D for duta mar kr: They looked towards Rimi and said Juta mar kar

E: Ek bar nikal prince Kishwer said pointing towards Rimi.

F for: Final nikal do uso prince Kishwer said indicating towards Rimi

Big Boss announced task is complete.

Suyyash later asked Rimi that no one can force you, but you broke the rule at the end moment by leaving the game. Rimi said I can’t do long tasks. I don’t have any decision making ability.

Suyyash took Rimi’s extra bed out and put them in the store room. He said she broke the rule by leaving the task.

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