Big Boss 9 Day 37 Team B played naughty kids

Mandana said I can play the role of the kid.

Mandana requested don’t get violent, rishabh said pyar kre ge

Suyyash argued with prince and said you can not be physical. He reminded day 36 and said you also told you can’t be physical.

Aman said you acnt be physical, you can hold our hands Kishwer also said aman lifted me, aman said you allowed me to lifet

Prince asked Rimi to come and particpape she said no princed told her that Big Boss may tell you.

Sawal khana hoga to I will handle, If I was not there at the day 36 I should not on day 36.

Prince said mandana who pretended to be ill yesterday is now the most active naughty kid

Suyyash said you can’t stop the kids from getting the toys from outside.

Bacha ban kr bada ban kr baat kr prince, Rishabh came inbetween suyyash said why you are coming inbetween.

Kishwer said you can’t go in the play area.

Prince said you got all energy today while you were dieing yesterday, he was teasing Mandana from morning saying this.

Mandana at one point irritated and said you Moron, Prince reacted angrily and retaliated saying gali mat de na – you cant use bad words.

Prince said you all are getting angry and not doing the task properly, he cited example of Mandana and Aman, suyyash from the naughty children team defended saying who said the kids can’t be angry. Kishwer argued that Aman lifted me and I did not say anything, but if we lift Mandana then she can kick me, are you saying that?

Roschelle and Rishabh were seen running behind Aman to change his diaper while Aman did not let them do, he was later seen running outside, and Rishabh ran behind him and tore his diaper. Kishwer, Roschelle from team B argued with Aman that we can lift anyone from team B as Aman lifted Kishwer and she did not object. Aman defended saying children can object, Kishwer said they can not be physical. Roschelle told Aman that you went to the toilet, you should not do that. Aman replied that even rishabh did the same. They argued, they said without sanchalak we can not do, Rimi said I can’t take decision.

Prince said if you people get angry you should do like children and no gali. Suyyash got into the bedroom without teacher Prince’s consent, Aman was standing near the galss door and wanted to open the door and tried to enter the bedroom, Prince held him from behind and tried to prevent him from doing so, aman also tried his best to stop him physically. Aman got annoyed and said Dum lga rha hei Prince, Kishwer and Prince objected saying Aman playing a small kid can’t be that physical.

Suyyash and Prince got into a bitter argument, Prince felt Suyyash was not behaving preoperly, hence he said please stop behaving with me that way, Rishabh intervened. Suyyash said why you have come in between, tera aukaat nahi hei, Rishabh also counter attacked saying tera bada aukaat hei.

Mandana said I am not going to play with stupid people, she also said shut up Prince, be like prince. Rishabh was targeting my scotch. Roschelle tried to change mandana’s diaper and mandana reacted saying you cant, Roschelle defended saying I am not getting physical. Team B said we have not lost patience. Mandana in between left the task saying I can not play.

Prince said I want to go home as I have listened galiaan, they said I am gunda, even on Saturday and Sunday I get blamed.


Prince lifted digi and took her to the nearby sofa to change her diaper, Rishabh tore her diaper and on this they argued that they should not do that.


Big Boss announced that the task is completed.

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