Big Boss 9 Day 38 Mandana's Fake Eviction, Rimi Targeted by all

 All woke up to a beautiful Bollywood song and danced

Roschelle said I was the only one who did not loose temper, so I am the best performer of the game.

Mandana said Kishwer and suyyash were not that bad except Prince who is much more violence, they said Suyyash is a good guy but with prince his body language changes.

Big Boss asked Rimi to take name of the worst performer, Rimi took her name and then she told Mandana as she gave up after an argument with Roschelle.

Big Boss said the success and failure of the sharti Bacche would impact on the elimnination, Big Boss said as Mandana was the worst performer as per the sanchalak Rimi Big Boss told her to come out of the house. Rimi said what would happen to the show as mandana, a strong contender is going out.

Before going out she cried, Prince said sorry. Roschelle cried for her. Mandana told Digangana and Roschelle that don’t let any one to dominate your mind. She said Suyyash that your gf is very sweet. She hugged Rishabh, Aman and Roschelle with whom she shared a good bonding.

Mandana was actually not eliminated she was kept in the secret room of Big Boss.

Aman and Roschelle and Rishabh talked: Roschelle said we all thought Mandana 100% will not go. Aman said Rimi and other might have talked that she did not do that chakki task and she and Mandana were labled as worst performer. May be due to that Rimi took her name.

Mandana got Big Boss’s message that she can view other members of the house and listen to them from the secret room.

Big Boss then passed on the message to all other members that Mandana is not nominated and she can see and hear you and when she does that the light in the home will be on.

She can nominate two to make them safe.

Kishwer, Prince and Suyyash talked about Roschelle’s expression over the secret room.

Roschelle, Aman and Rishabh talked: Roschelle said Kishwer is talking about Roschelle-Mandana’s equation. Aman said Kishwer’s strength is Prince and Suyyash, if one goes then she will

Mandana watching

Kishwer, Rimi, suyyash and Prince talked: Prince talked about gali. Kishwer said she kicked me too. They all talked she was not doing tasks.

Roschelle and Aman : Roschelle said Salman took that kicking to Kishwer lightly, may be she is favoured. Aman said she was very ego-centered. Sab kuch apne Hisab se bol tei hei. Roschelle said use and throw approach. Roschelle also reffred Ticket to Finale that Rimi got and later Slaman revealed that it was a joke, Roschelle said Mandana had in mind that she should have got ticket to finale.

Mandana said after hearing that she said I am so important in the house. She said Kishwer does not like me and she says it on face, but she never expected Roschelle to say all thesed words for me. She said I will show my plan once I get in.

Prince and Roschelle said Roschelle that you labled me as a gunda. This can make and mar my image. This is my way and I does not mean it, I am little loud, Prince said. She also said Roschelle I don’t have any gurdges against you and share you thoughts.

Roschelle, Aman and Suyyash and others talked about Rimi’s stance to this. Suyyash said Rimi is looking for bank balance.

Mandana watches

Kishwer said I have not gone to the confesion room, She said that I am happy that Mandana is out, she was a headach, she said as she is not there we have peace in house, she gives up task, she interrupts in between tasks.

Mandana said aur pyar dikaho Big Boss, she said Kishwer is Gandhi, she is scared of me.

Suyyash and Roschelle talked about Rimi’s intention that she does not want to go out of the house, she wants to stay, want bank balance. Roschelle said she does make up to lure public. Kishwer and Prince said Rimi thinks she is going to win.

Mandana from secret room said the funny thing that they have so much competiion, she said Big Boss do you want me to play a dirty game?

Kishwer said aaj tum ne kamal ka socha, aisa kha ki mandana ko ghuma dia. She may nominate you, they said from today start doing tasks

Aman said what Rimi your bank balance increased. Roschelle said Rimi wants to increase her bank balance. She said I am very clam, even if someone scolds I can listen him/her scolding me for hours. She said Mai aise hei hu.

Aman said Salman said that I have worked with Rimi she is not like that. During the acting I have to act in the sets so I had to interact. Roschelle said she is an actor and she is acting in the house.

Suyyash, Kishwer, Aman targeted towards Rishabh who asked about Mandana’s Kiss during the task of student as well as teacher. They all said he fell flat for her. Aman said when mandana kissed her he let Aman and Suyyash to put his diaper.


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