Big Boss 9 Day 39 Mandana's entry into house, Rishabh Prince fight, rishabh aman fight

 Big Boss played aaj na chodunga tujhe song which supported the theme of the day.

Kishwer said Roschelle is no one’s friend.

Rishabh said from now onwards no one can stop me from eating. He said ata hei, Bina Baat ke choudhary giri chal rahi hei. He said mera mind wild ho gya hei. Waring Jan hit mai jari.

Mera jo Dushman hei itna sa hoga jab ki mera jo dost hei itna bada hoga mujhe pata nahi tha. Mandana came into the house again to take revengage.

She came in the confession room and talked to Big Boss. She said she wants to nominate Roschelle because she said Slaman has a soft corner for me, she said Roschelle and Kishwer have no difference, 2nd name is Prince, He said Punjabi log loud hei but that does not mean he should be loud, he is nothing without suyyash.

She came in the house and surprised everyone. She said I went to meet my boy friend and family. Rishabh hugged her. She showed her bf pic to Mandana. Suyyash and Rishabh were unhappy due to mandana’s eviction.

Roschelle said she is upset with her as she has heard our conversations, Kishwer said Roschelle you are very smart, task ke bahane you betrayed her.

Rishabh said sab nakli asoon ro reh thei. Roschelle told Mandana that I also go out of home, keith needs my support.

Kishwer said Roschelle did a lot of bitching. Roschelle said logon ko apno ki jarurat kab hoti hei, Aman said Mandana may come back to you.

Mandana and rishabh talked. Mandana said Roschelle is not my friend, she also told she know I am a strong contender, she asked Kishwer aur Roschelle mai kya farak hei.

Prince asked Babaji of Big Boss house to uncover the fake faces of members.

Roschelle and Prince got safe.

Mandana, Kishwer, Digangana, Aman and Rishbah got nominated

Now Mandana was asked to tell what Big Boss told you in the secret room?

Roschelle explained the task given to them by Big Boss, she explained to Mandana.

Kishwer said I want to know what Roschelle talked about me. Aman said we talked very basic. Mandana said Roschelle’s body language has changed when I came in the house.

Roschelle said so manadana you saw our footage. She said you have to nominate two. She said I was shocked by the way Roschelle and Aman talked about me, she said I have never expected. She said that tone was not good, I was shocked.

She said that Kishwer and Prince were not good and I was expecting it.

Aman said I did say only basics, jab aap ko man kar ta hei task kar tei ho jab nahi kar ta hei nahi kar tei ho. She talked about Roschelle’s talk on Salman gives favour to me, Roschelle clarified saying it was a task. Mandana said you did not be so nasty. Mera dost itna sa bola, mera dushman kam bola, Mandana said Roschelle that you found an opportunity to tell negative about me. Mandana also said Roschelle said as Rimi got ticket to finale she then got friendly to rimi. Mandana said I am very strong mentally and I can feel it.

Kishwer said Aman and Roschelle were not happy seeing you.


Prince and Suyyash told on camera that the so-called best friends got splitted, Prince said now the game will turn towards a different dimension.

Roschelle tried to explain once again in the kitchen that it was a task, you are my friend, Mandan said if you say you are my best friend you should have told somethingelse.


Rishabh talked about wastage of parathes. Suyyash said we get two packets of wheat. Rishabh said I wont compromise on food. Prince and Rishabh argued. Rishabh said I will eat 4 parathe. Prince and Rishabh had a heated discussion. They almost got physical and shouted on each other, they kept on saying tu chup kar, Rishabh said tu nam ka prince hei. They kept on saying chal chal, they kept on saying chup, sale. They told mental to each other.


Later on Aman tried to convince rishabh, suyyash was there, prince came and they gain fought.

Roschelle talked to Prince and talked about the task, Prince said play from mind, Aman initiates talks and then he slowly gets away, so think before you say.


Later Aman asked Rishabh to give me back my bath towel and they argued over his bath towel. He said learn the way of talking. Aman said learn basic etiquettes, you should be careful while picking someone’s bath towel, Aman got frustared of the attitude Rishabh showed. Rishabh said sorry, this argument went on for few minitues.

Aman and Roschelle talked about the task, Roschelle said I feel like I have crossed a little over the line in the task, Aman said task is a task and we have come here for tasks.


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