Big Boss 9 day 40 water Bowl task, Kishwer the new Captain,kanwaljit singh wild card entry

Everyone in the house woke up to Ram ji ki chal dekho song, they danced and have fun. Kishwer, Rishabh, Mandana, Digangana and Aman danced to that song, Rishabh and Mandana were seen having a good time dancing together.

Kishwer asked who is Ram Ji, Mandana replied vo aa jaye ge. Suyyash told Roschelle to clean the bath room. Suyyash said I will pull your mattress, then suyyash pulled her bed, prince and Suyyash both lifted her and took her to the store room. Kishwer told Big Boss that even in store room she is very comfortable and sleeping, we have to work for the day.

Big Boss asked Rimi, the sanchalak of SharartiBachay whose team performed well. Rimi said Kishwer, Rishabh, Roschelle, Prince were declared winner.

Big Boss gave a special right to the winners Kishwer, Rishabh, Roschelle, and Prince to choose 3 members to become cpatin. Rishbah said he thinks Roschelle, Digangana and Aman should be captains because they have not become captain, he went in the house and told other members about his opinion later when he came to Kishwer, Prince and Rishabh they said they want to become capatins. Rishbah disagreed but as they were in majority Big Boss also agreed that they should become nominations for captainacy. Kishwer said Roschelle has not become a captian so she should be nominated for captaincy; Prince had the captaincy for only 2 days while she herself was a good captian hence they all were eligible for captaincy. Big Boss gave all three of them a task where they have to hold a bowl of water in their hands without keeping it anywhere for 6 hours. Other members can distract them, the contestant whose bowl has more water at the end will be declared winner while anyone of them can give up in between the task.

Rishabh started spraying red chilli powerd on the face of Kishwer, Roschelle and prince, he told them to close their eyes while Aman helped in wiping out the chili powerder by applying water. Rishabh was disagreed over Aman’s act, he said it may injure their eyes. Later Rishabh was seen applying Shampoo over their heads.

Rishabh, Digi and Aman had a conversation where he said why you disagree on the sparying chilli powder over their face, Digangana also agreed but Aman said he does not like the idea, Rishabh started saying Sach ki Juthi murti and Andho ka kana raja to Aman.


When prince objected they again started scolding each other. Rishabh called Prince Bhikari- Begger and said on the 5th day of a show (may be splittsvilla) you took my sleevless shirt; he again said you are a begger. Prince argued saying you are luccha, girls hated you because of your shameless character.

Rishabh said you are illetrate to Prince while Prince said I know what you did with girls, he pointed finger towards his character.


Aman said Prince touched his elbow to the jacuzi, Suyyash said yes I saw. Prince said I did it for a second and he said Kishwer also touched somewhere and no one noticed.

Roschelle sliped her one hand out of the bowl, Suyyash noticed and he said have broken rule, but Roschelle said I did not do intentionally, later some other members said Kishwer was also broke rule, Suyyash said I did not see her but as you all said Kishwer and Prince broke rule, he all let them play once again.

The entire house members were seen designer outfits coming into the house, everyone guessed some designer wild card entry is coming; later kanwaljit singh came into the house as wildcard entry.


He played with Prince, put his hands in Price’s bowl and threw some water, He said Kishwer as a controller while Aman as a cool dude. He hugged everyone and Big Boss welcomed him.

Later the time came when Big Boss announced that Suyyash should judge who will be the winner? Suyyash said Kishwer’s Bowl has more water than Prince and Roschelle, hence Big Boss declared Kishwer as the next captain.


Prince was unhappy about the same saying he saved both of them so many times but when it came to Kishwer and Suyyash they do unfair, he said the same on the camera to the audience.


Later Aman announced the naughty children task was a failure due to sanchalak RimI, hence Big Boss gives zero out of 1800 points to the home. Everyone annoyed of Rimi while Rimi was seen smiling, this annoyed everyone even more. All the house members complained the same to Kishwer saying as a captina please request her to play, When Kishwer told the same she said I am very peace loving and I don’t want to hear people shouting, I wont be doing any task.


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