Big Boss 9 Day 41 with Salman Khan and Deepika padukone

It was Saturday with Salman Khan. Salman came onto the stage of Big Boss with lot of nach gana by kids. He then gets connected with the house members from the Big Boss studio. Everyone welcomed him and he greeted everybody.

This time Salman sent strong messages to Mandana and Rimi. He told Mandana that you had been excessively targeted Roschelle although he was just doing a task, Salman also pitied over Mandana’s attitude and Understanding of the game. He said you went to the secret room due to a punishment and not a reward. You should have understood before hand.

As all the house memberswere unhappy due to Rimi’s non-performance Rimi was put in the Big Boss House’s jail. One of a Rimi’s Fans got connected to the house and she expressed her frustration over Rimi as she is not doing any task and due to her negative attitude others in the house lost the luxry budget task. She is fully responsible for that.

Big Boss welcomes Deepika padukone to the house and Deepika has become Big Boss for a day. She kept on engaging the members of the house with her humor and made them all feel happy. She asked Mandana to propose Prince, Mandana propsed prince saying you have got good muscles and and you are a good guy, prince said Pagli rualye gi kya?


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