Big Boss 9 Day 43 with Priya Malik

Day 43 is all about nominations. Big Boss introduced Priya Malik as a sanchalak. Everyone in the house one after another went to the confession Room to take names for nominations. Mandana and Roschelle got 3 votes each while other members like Rishabh, Rimi got 2 votes. Later Big Boss asked Kishwer to nominate 2 members of the house. Kishwer as a captain can nominate 2 members, she took Rishabh’s name first saying Rishabh is unpredictable, sometimes he behaves sweetly while sometimes he gets very angry and abuses. She took Digangana’s name as her 2nd nomination for eviction because she felt Digi has not participated in the last week; her 2nd reason was Digangana is ill too.

Later Priya Malik enters the Big Boss house. Everyone welcomes her; they showed so much respect to her. Priya gave her first remark to Prince saying you behave like a neta (Politician) because you say I will do that I will do this, People will see the real Prince but ultimately you are still under the influence of Kishwer and Suyyash. She also remarked come out of the Bhedchal. She said I have seen splittsvilla and you performed well and you are a good person from heart.

Digangana asked Kishwer why you took my name as a nomination, Kishwer said I took a fair decision, she said I know Kawaljit from a long time and he has just come into the house, hence I could not nominate him, as per suyyash and prince are concerned I have my own reasons.

Priya Malik started saying that Kishwer, Suyyash and Prince behaved like bullies, she also took the incident of spray on Digangana which made her ill but she did not complained, hence she said members who allowed them to get bullied by Price, Suyyash and Kishwer are equally bullies.

She turned towards Rimi and asked why you don’t participate. At least do the tasks for your fans, they want to see you participating. She was also heard saying that main is ghar mai ayi hu Rimi ka bank balance kam kar ne ko.

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