Big Boss 9 Day 44 Day BB dairy task, Priya Malik

Rishabh and Priya were seen building up friendship, Price and Roschelle talked about How Rishabh goes behind every new girl who enters the house. Roschelle also alleged that Rishabh always tries to flirt with girls, say it me, mandana or the new girl Priya.

Big Boss announces the Dairy BB task where there will be two teams led by Prince and Rimi. Each team has to milk the artificial cow with the help of milk taps. Every team has to to collect milk when the cow sounds.

First Target: 25 packets of Milk

Prince’s team has Rishabh, Kanwaljeet, and Roschelle

Rimi selected Priya, Mandana and Suyyash.

They have to collect packets to fill it with milk; they had to arrange buckets to collect milk

1.50 PM Min: The artificial cow sounds to call both teams to milk it.

Priya said Rishabh that you are getting Physical.  Kihswer said you can push someone’s hand from the water point/ Milk point of the cow. Mandana cried saying that Kanwaljit held my had and hurt me.Priya alleged that Prince and Rishabh help my hand and got physical. Priya said Rishabh is licking my fingerm she complained it to Rimi, the Sanchalak. Kanwaljeet said chatwa lo. Priya said Rishabh is sucking my fingers sexually, later she said as

Mandana said Prince is getting violence and he is attacking our group members.

Rishabh and Priya discuused that I have not put my hand below the tap, Rishabh said I have not done that, I f I would have done that then I could easily agreed.

Priya later said we can increase the quantity of milk by putting more water.

Kanwaljeet said Aunty to Priya, she strongly objected and said you can’t’ call me aunty. Kanwaljeet said I will take you name as aunty, Priya said I will show this to the audience that how badly you are behaving.

Later Priya Malik alleged that Prince and Rishabh were very physical as well as sexual while playing the task. Priya fought with Prince saying that you’re exerting pressure over my finger. Prince said don’t say anything to malign my character Priya, Prince said no I did not held your finger forcefully. Priya said camera can not detect if it was forceful or not.

Later Priya went back to kanwaljeet and said you can’t call me aunty, to which Kanwaljit said we will discuss later but Priya did not agree, Kanwaljeet said you also called me uncle.


Prince then checks quality of the packed milk of Rimi’s team, He said it has contamination in it, Suyyash said we don’t have to clean the milk; to this prince said we can not sell dirty milk.

Later Rimi was seen doing quality inspection of milk, Prince said Rimi is very clever she is now playing after so many weeks to be into the game.

Rishabh and Prince were seen spilling the other team’s milk. Roschelle said you can fill your can we can wait till then.

Later rishabh called Suyyash as chor as he saw Suyyash’s bucket has already has water, Rimi clarified that it may be due to rain water.

Prince’s team has 24 approved packets while Rimi’s team by that time has only 4 packets ready, Kishwer announced Prince’s team as winner.

Big Boss ordered to deliver 50 approved packets. Mandana later asked Priya saying that we have enough milk and I have kept few packets of rejected packets. Mandana’s team said we have made 50 packets.

When Rimi as an approver approved the milk packets of Prince’s team, her team members got little angry saying you have not done proper assessment, Priya and Mandana said there were smaller packets and you approved, to this Rimi said Prince also approved smaller packet’s of the other team on her request, hence she will also approve. Priya objected saying prince also rejected smaller packets, Rimi said those milk packets were filled with dirt that is why. Priya and Manda were kept on saying you are not playing as a fair sanchalak, they shouted at her saying you go home ( Aap Ghar Jao).

Kanwaljeet was seen saying Roschelle and Mandana were thinking them as Miss world, He also said kal tak mera chat reh the aur aaj maine ungli ki to he stopped there. Later Rishabh was seen saying about tissue in the milk, when Kanwaljeet asked ye tissue kya ho ta hei, he replied pichwada saaf kar ne ka saman ho ta hei.


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