Big Boss 9 Day 48 Priya Malik becomes the new captain, Keith come back into the house

 Day 46 and 47 were all about the CAR task where the teams showed their mental and physical strength to stay in a car for hours. Mandana was the sanchalak and the first member she disqualified was Rishabh. Later it was more a contest between Suyyash, Roschelle, Kishwer, Prince and Priya Malik. Priya and Prince survived till the end. Later Prince declared Priya as winner by voluntarily opting out of the game saying that he is very impressed by the way Priya performed.

Saturday night with Salman Khan in the 48 episode is all about showing the team members their own recorded clips in order to make then self-assess themselves as well as it was a time when Big Boss also showed a true face of each contenstant, their strengths and weaknesses, their ability to surivie, their winning streak as well as vulnerability to losse the game.

Big Boss gave very very positive remarks to Roschelle saying that she has been doing well even after Keith went out of the house due to some unavoidable circumstances; Big Boss appreciated how she handled her well and proved that the personality of Former Miss India has been liked by the viewer.

Big Boss called on Rishabh and showed some his recorded clips from the past where he looked little stupid, little childish, He was seen being called as a kid by some of the members like Rimi, Roschelle and other few.

Big Boss showed Suyyash some of his recorded clips of the past; he said you look more like Kishwer’s Parchhai (Shadow).

 Big Boss showed some recorded clips of Prince where he was being advised by Gautam Gulati ( Big Boss 8) winner to come out of the bhed chaal (following a crowd), although he appreciated his efforts as performing well during tasks.

To Mandana and Rimi his advice was to perform the tasks. Other members allegedly complained against Mandana that she does not do tasks whole-heartedly.

Big Boss announced a very unique opportunity to all of the members of the house by opening the door of the Big Boss house, house members who want to go out willfully can move out of the house. Once this announcement was made, everyone looked at Rimi as she herself from the day-1 wanted to go out of the house, all the house members asked her to leave, they also said this is an opportunity for her, they even said you have not been doing any task, you are a waste for the house, Pls go out. Rimi replied that I have already spent 7 weeks and now I am not in a mood to go out.

It has been speculated that Rimi had got 2 cr to enter into Big Boss, if she goes out of the house as per her wish then she will only get 20% of her contract amount. Now it is very clear that why she is not going out of the house.

Remember the discussion of Rimi and Rishabh where Rishabh told Rimi that you are very clever. You have cleverly spent 7 weeks in the house without doing anything; he also said you left the tasks you thought are not of your purpose while you did the tasks where your personality was projected nicely.

Priya Malik has been seen as a strong wild card entry with the way she does every task, say it the Milk task or the Aaja Mere Gaadi Mein Beth Jaa task, she showed her cleverness as well as mental strength. As per Kishwer and Suyyash she has come here well prepared and she knows whom to target, whom to say what. As per them Rishabh is Priya’s soft target. She uses Rishabh very well. In the car task Priya survived till the end, she once tried to push Prince out of the car while at one instance she threw urine at kishwer when she tried to pull out of the task.


Kawaljeet has made some annoying acts and Mandana and Digangana objected, it all happened when he brought food from the kitchen area and started eating it in the bed room area, Mandana complained that this disturbs her as well the ill Digangana’s sleep, Mandana’s complaint did not affect Kawaljeet so Mandana complained about the same to Captain Suyyash, Suyyash overlooked it saying it is more a matter between Mandana and Kawaljeet. Kawaljeet was seen saying mandana as Botox woman, he later came out of the house went to the members sitting in the car and complained that Mandana did not let her eat in the bed room, to this Roschelle came in support of Mandana and said this has been decided from the beginning that no one should eat at the bed room area.

As Priya Malik won the car task Big Boss made her the captian of the house. Later Big Boss asked Keith to come in the house once again as a participant. Keith has had a recent family tragedy. He has come after almost two or three weeks, Will he be able to perform like the way he performed in the beginning.


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