Big Boss 9 Day 50 Rope Task

 Day 50 was all about a task that can add up 20 lakh to the prize money. What is Salman doing in a week day. It was Monday and Salman was there to talk about the task.

Day 50 Task

Members of the house were ready for the rope task where they have to hold on to the rope for the entire night to win 20 lakhs. Was that easy? Big Boss excluded Digangana from the task as she has been ill and can’t stand the whole night holding the rope.

He excluded Priya from the task as she has given the role of the Sanchalak. Suyyash, Roschelle, Kishwer, Prince, Rishabh, Rimi, Keith and Mandana were participants. They were all set to do the task. This task was going good but Big Boss has his evil scheme to interrupt the task in order to compel the participants out of the task.

As a Sanchalak Priya has to disqualify members whom she sees leaving the rope. Ropes were hanging from above and they have to hold it by raising their hands.

Rishabh showed a silly tick and the rope was out of his hands, Priya immediately announced Rishabh as disqualified but Rishabh objected saying the rope was still in his hand. Later when Priya asked her again and again he said yes the rope was sliped off his hand.

Later Big Boss sent two men inside the house to steal belongings of the house members doing the rope task. Rimi asked Priya to save her make-up pouch while Rishabh teased the other ladies such as Roschelle and Mandana sayin g as their make-up kit are now stolen, the whole world will see them without make-up from now onwards.

Soon these two men came inside the house and as instructed by Big Boss they cut the ropes to make these shorter for the members, the objective is to make the task more difficult for them, Roschelle complained saying that her rope was too short to hold, she also said the length of my rope should be equal to Rimi’s saying she and Rimi are of same height.

Mandana also complained about the same.

The real drama started when Sanchalak told Roschelle to support the men who have come here to cut the ropes as per Big Boss’s instruction. Roschelle got very angry and said as a sanchalak you should support us rather getting harder on us. They had a verbal warfare, Roschelle vented her frustration by using slangs, Priya was quick to notice, she objected saying you can’t scold me and use such language, Roschelle said I have not used any slang word against you. Priya was not convinced and said you scolded me. Priya also said I am helping you out, I have brought medicines for you and in return you shouted on me, you abused me. Their verbal warfare went on for quite some time.

Later most of them started giving up the task one by one. Mandana, Kawaljeet, Rimi left the task saying the task is difficult and For Suyyash there was bitter surprise. You may say it was destinty or design all on a sudden Big Boss showed the Suyyash’s sister from the confession Room, here she has come to meet him, Kishwer warned suyyash that this was a trap while Rishabh and Prince suggested him to leave the task and go and meet her.

Salman asked to guess the amount that may be assigned to the participants of the task, Some gussesed rimi may have double the amount, some guessed Mandana might not have so much assigned to her.

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