Big Boss 9 Day 51 Rimi evicted, Mandana Targeted

Day 51 was about the announcement from Big Boss about the outcome of the rope task.  Big Boss announced that the rope task was a failure as only Kishwer and Prince could complete the task while all other participants failed to do the task.

Heads off to both Kishwer and Suyyash who showed their mental and physical strength in all the tasks, they have been very consistent, Kishwer as a girl never say no to any task, she seems to be a real warrior.

Big Boss lifted the suspense over who was allocated what amount. It was quite surprising for the members that Rimi has zero amounts in her name while Mandana has double amount in her name. Everyone vented their frustration saying no one showed intrest in the task, Kishwer and prince got angry due to the fact that due to other participants who did not perform the rope task they lost the task. She warned everbody that in all future tasks all the members have to be performing the task.

Big Boss later announced Rimi to be evicted from the house. It was not a surprise as everyone expected Rimi to be evicted. Rimi was also happy over it. Prince has tears in his eyes when he hugged her and said good bye, he later told Digangana that Rimi never said anything to anyone, even others in the house always teased her saying she is not performing the tasks but she never retaliated.

Amid all this most of the house members started targeting towards Mandana, Kishwer alleged that Mandana never does any task completely, Mandana reacted to this saying she has always been targeted, she also cried saying that during some tasks she was ill and that was the reason she could not.


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