Big Boss 9 Day 52 Panch Dosh Task precious things of Kawaljeet and Mandana destroyed

Day 52 started with a short argumentative fight between Mandana and Rishabh, This started when Rishabh ate Digangana’s Biscuites, Mandana said Digi was upset over it, Rishabh defended saying Digangana never said that she only said if someone takes her biscuits without she knowing then she does not have any issues. Rishabh and Suyyash said most of her food items get wasted as she does not eat all that, so if we eat some then it is not an issue.

Digangana also told Mandana not to over react, later Rishabh was seen eating mandana’s biscuites, Mandana complained saying these are my buscuits, Rishabh said no name is written over the biscuits, Priya intervened and told Rishabh to give that packet of biscuits back to her.

Big Boss announced a unique task called Panch Dosh in which the patience of the team members will be tested in order to assess them. The first task is ahem (Ego). 2 teams have been formed; the first team has Prince, Mandana, Roschelle and Keith and the 2nd team have Kishwer, Suyyash, Kanwaljeet and Rishabh.

Every team has to choose one of their members whose precious belongings could be sacrificed, Team A chooses Mandana and Team B chooses Kanwaljeet.

With the consent of members of Team A Priya brought 3 precious (materially or emotionally) belongings of Kanwaljeet. Three things were a shawl, his glasses, and his pillow. The shawl costing 35k was precious while he himself said it was his favourite, his vision glasses might not be precious but glasses have its necessity while the pillow he uses is specialpillow for spondylitis.

Priya as a sanchalak of the task destroyed the belongings of Kanwaljeet. Later as per the selection of things by Team B Mandana’s gold Ear rings woth 1 lakh, a dress presented by her boy friend’s mom were destroyed by Priya, she cut her cloths and put the clothes inside a paint box. Mandana said it was Priya’s revengefulness towards her.

Later Mandana targeted to destroy Kanwaljeet’s Diamond ring but Prince, Roschelle, Keith said it would not be fair to go that extent. Mandana did not agree to the others saying it is a task and they should do it.

Prince and Kishwer were later seen having a verbal fight when Prince told Kishwer to give up and he also said you are not doing fair.

Later team a gives up the task making team b win but it was the decision of members other than Mandana.

Task Vaasna

2nd task was Vaasna. From team a prince was nominated for the task while from Team B it was Rishabh. They both were sent to a secret room and they have to be seated in their respective chairs. There were wires over their hands and the wires are connected to a machine capable of detecting the variation on the heart beats.

A very sexy lady was sent inside the room, she danced to a very sensual song, and she acted her best to seduce both Prince and Rishabh. It was Rishabh whose heart beats went up more to the seducer’s sensual seduction; hence team B lost the task.

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