Big Boss 9 Day 53 Panch dosh task winners

 Day 53 is about Lalach (greed), Krodh (Anger) and Laziness.

For the task Greed, Big Boss wanted the teams to select one from the opponent team, Team A opted Kanwaljeet for the greed task while Team B slected Roschelle for the task.

Priya was the sanchalak of the task. Big Boss announced that In this task Big Boss will present ticket to Finale to both of them, whosoever picks it will loose the task but he said do not reveal the same until the task gets over.

Kanwaljeet accepted the ticket to finale gift while Roschelle did not. Priya revealed the team members that it was already communicated to her that the ticket to finale gift is not a true gift. Hence as Roschelle did not accept the ticket to finale her team A won the task.

Anger (Krodh task)

For the anger task, from team A Mandana was choosen while from the Team B Rishbah represented. Asper the task Mandana and Rishabh have to stand inside separate Iron cage for 3 hours, other from their opponent teams could do all possible distractions without any physical violence to make them angry. Priya as usual will be the sanchalak of the task. Later she judged Rishabh as winner as he has kept his cool while she noticed Mandana getting irritated at few instances. Mandana defended saying the decision was not fair on her behalf, Priya never noticed when Rishabh lost cool at some instances. She also complained that her team members were very kind towards Rishabh while the opponent team’s members did their best to angry her.

Task Laziness

For this task the swimming pool was converted into a muddy puddle (Daldal) and Roschelle from Team A and Kanwaljeet from Team B participated. They had to cross from the onbe end of the swimming pool to the other end till they were called to stop. It was Roschelle who completed maximum rounds, hence she won.

Later Priya declared Team A having Roschelle, Mandana, Prince, Keith as winners of the Panch Dosh Task.

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