Big Boss 9 Day 55, Day of punishment, Roschelle Priya fight, Kishwer and Mandana Fight

It was a Saturday and Salman’s presence made it more special. Before Salman came to talk to the members in the house, team members woke up to find that all their belongings, food stuff were hanged outside. Everyoone waited for Big Boss’s announcement.

Big Boss announced that as most of the team members broke rules of the house Big Boss took all their stuff, now he called upon Priya to come to the confession room and told her that she has to make sure that all the team members have to get a learning lesson for their mistakes until they realise the importance of the rules.

Roschelle and Priya into a verbal warfare

Roschelle came to Priya and complained that Kanwaljeet’s clothes were put inside a bucket and kept in the bath room area, hence she was unable to clean the bath room area, to this Priya said please leave that area and clean the rest, Roschelle was not happy over what Priya said, she started cribbing, Priya said you have to obey what your Captain says, Later when Priya wanted to give her extra work she started suggesting that she should give it to someonelese but Priya said if required the captain can assign extra work to whomsoever she wants to give. Roschelle was very unhappy about this she kept on arguing over the same. Her argument turned into a heated discussion and Priya even had tears in her eyes showing her emotional side. She self-punished her saying if Roschelle thinks Priya should get punished let it be. Later Prince convinced Roschelle that she should say sorry to Priya.

As Keith intervened in the verbal war between Priya and Roschelle, Priya gave her punishment of washing clothes of other team members. Priya also punished Rishabh for breaking a rule.

There was a clear disagreement between Roschelle and Keith when Keith tried to convince her that what she is doing in unnecessary.

Later at kitchen area when Kishwer pointed towards Mandana that cleaniliness is an issue, Mandana fired at Kishwer, they have had a verbal fight. Kishwer said You will never become Kishwer and Mandana said I really don’t want to be kishwer.

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