Big Boss 9 Day 57 New wild card entries Gisslle Thakral and Norah Fatehi, Digangana evicted

Monday with Salman comes with few surprises, the first surprise is about the two wild card entrants into the house, and they are two beautiful ladies named Gisslle Thakral and Norah Fatehi.

Day 57 started with captain priya’s complaint about Prince sleeping during daytime. Captian Priya instructed Prince to wake up and not to sleep or else she will punish her. Hearing this Prince got intimidated and started saying I am not sleeping and if I would like to sleep or break any rule no one can stop me.

Later those arguments between the two turned into a fight, Priya wanted to punish Prince by taking her bed away to store room, Prince did not let her take the bed, they shouted at each other and Prince and Priya both alleged that the viewers will know their real nature. Priya told Prince that everyone including Suyyash and Kishwer knew your true nature; hence they are cut off from you.

Later the time of nomination by Team members came. Except Mandana almost everyone nominated Digangana for eviction.


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