Big Boss 9 Day 58 Priya Targeted, New Nominations, Gisslle and Norah enters Big Boss 9

Big Boss 9 is about twists and turns, surpsrises. Day 58 comes with surprises, after messing with Prince on day 57, now it was time for Mandana and other members to oppose Priya, Not to forget Roschelle who has already had a mess with Priya.

Here comes the nomination time, most votes went against Rishabh, Mandana and Kanwaljeet and Priya as a captain got a special right to take someone’s name who will directly get into the list of nominations. Priya took Kieth’s name.

Gisslle and Norah were now part of the house. They met everyone, talked to them, as they told earlier they have come here to entertain Prince and Rishabh.

Kishwer saw the face of a ghost in the mirror; she got scared and told the same to others, initially no one believed but later Priya at the kitchen saw the same.

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