Big Boss 9 Day 59 Bhoot Bangla Task

Day 59 lifts the suspense of ghosts seen in Big Boss House. Big Boss announced that there is an activity planned for the members of Big Boss house. It is nothing but a task named “Bhoot Bangla”. Big Boss divided the teams into two, Team consisting of Gisslle, Kishwer, Suyyash, Priya become ghosts while team having Rishabh, Mandana, Roschelle,Norah and Prince were the humans. As per the task ghosts should scare and interrupt the humans and humans have to ignore them.

Kishwer left no chance in irritating Mandana by playing with her hair. She did it continuously; Mandana was seen pushing her with her elbow. Kishwer got outraged as it was not allowed to get violent during the task, she told the same to Priya. They called upon Keith, the sanchalak of the task and complained that Mandana pushed her and Roschelle was witness, Kishwer also warned that if Roschelle does not admit that Mandana pushed her she will have her grudges.

This task is for luxury budget and its impact will be seen on the next nominations. Bhoot Bangala task continued till the end with hick-ups, disagreements between opponents while we have seen a verbal fight between Gisslle and Priya when Gisslle told Priya that Keith has Dyslexia as he has counting problems, he does not remember numbers, Priya told that you should not tell him dyslexic and this is very unfair to tell someone dyslexic. Gisslle told she thought it was the appropriate word to define the counting disability of Keith but she has no intention to hurt anyone, when this matter turned into an argument Gissll alleged that Priya always needs footage and makes unnecessary issues in the house. She also warned her that dont try to be my teacher.

Apart from the task Big Boss house has seen the beginning of romance and closeness between Prince and Norah. Norah also showed her sexier side with her belly dance, Rishabh fell falt over her beauty while Norah seems to be getting closer to Prince. Their romance has become the talk of Big Boss house while a matter of jealously for Rishabh.


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