Big Boss 9 Day 5

Everyone at the house woke up to Digangana Suryavanshi’s birthday. They all were so happy. They wished her birthday.

11 am: Roopal was appreciated by Big boss due to her best performance in the phobia challenge.

 Kishwer and Vikas got their bags due to their best performance during tasks. When the Jodis entered the Big Boss house with their Bags in the first day Big Boss kept the bag of one from each Jodis.

Captains Vikas and Yuvika asked Ankit and Arvind to keep in mind that they should be more careful not leave leftover food on their plates for someone else to clean.

Roopal talked about her past affair. She said she really knew how Ankit Khera as a person in 6 months- insan pehchan ne mai galti Kar di is what she said.

Roopal cried due to Anikt’s betrayal. She recalled the day when she broke up, the whole night she could not sleep and the next day she had to shoot a romantic scene. She recalled the terrifying moments she had, even her parents were concerned but she said had to be strong for her, for her mom dad.

Rimi talked about her frustration in Big Boss’s house. It was the 2nd time she was said saying she had no idea that would have to prepare all the food for them.

6 PM: Big Boss House’s Gate opens, some dancers got in, Danced to the dhol baje tune with the members of the house.

Big Boss gave a chance to the house members to buy from the snap deal screen. Aman and Kishwer too the lead they selected the products that were necessary for the house. All house members helped them in taking what to buy and what not to buy.

7PM: Big Boss gave a very unique chance to exchange the Jodis. As per Big Boss every Jodi has their own strengths and weaknesses, hence if any Jodi thinks that due to one of a non-performing member the Jodi suffers then this is a chance where they can exchange Jodis. Big Boss kept a clause here that only 2 jodis can exchange partners. He also kept Aman and Kishwer and Vikas and Yuvika out of the exchange benefits because as per Big Boss Aman and Kishwer were the best performing Jodis while Vikas and Yuvika are the captains.

All Jodis got free of their bondage belt for the time being. They had to go one by one to the captains to tell their wish on partner exchange. Mandana said she is not willing to change my partner. As Keith and she solve problems by discussing.

Rimi was not happy with Suyyash and she preferred Digangana as option 1 and Ankit as 2nd option  

Keith said Mandana is inflexible. Keith said he adjusts more, Mandana is very adamant.  He prefers Ankit but later he changed his decision to stay with Mandana.

Suyyash complained about Rimi’s non-performance due to which he was not able to do the assigned tasks.

Rochelle said she is happy with prince.

Kishwer preferred prince or Suyyash because Aman gets very personal and dominating.

Aman said physically Kishwer is weak which impacts their performance. He prefers Prince or Ankit

 Prince was happy with Rochelle

Digangana was happy with Roopal.

Arvind and Ankit did not want to change partners.

It was tough for the captains to select two new Jodis but they did with their judgment and finally the new Jodis became Suyyash and Prince Narula and Rimi and Rochelle.

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