Big Boss 9 Day 60 Bhoot Bangla Task Gisslle injured

Day 60 of Big Boss is about the 2nd part of the Bhoot Bangla Task. As per the task the members playing humans have to throw the skeletons in the swimming pool and the members playing ghosts have to prevent them from doing so.

As it is more of a physical task, Team humans tried there best to pull away the skeletons from the ghosts, in the process Gisslle injured hereself; luckily it was not a fracture.

Mandana and Prince had some disagreement during the task an as usual Mandana left the task, Suyash is seen shouting on Mandana when she said something about Kishwer.

Gisslle was seen talking to the members that it was due to her efforts the ghost team won the task. Kishwer said it was the hard work of the team which made them win the task.

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