Big Boss 9 Day 7 first elimination from house: Ankit Gera Eliminated

Rimi and Suyyash were safe in the Saturday. So there are 4 Jodis out of whom someone can be evicted but they are not Rimi and Suyyash.

Rimi was seen crying and seen uncomfortable.

Salman appeared in Big Boss Studio and danced to the song Prem Rattan Dhan Payo.Salman and sonam danced to the song Prem rattan Dhan payo. Sonam takes a seat in the studio of Bog Boss. Akash Soni from Zee TV, senior anchor remotely connected to Bis Boss Studio. Akash Soni said Salman’s spontaneity was fantastic, he as ked who really convinced you to come for Big Boss 9? Salman khan indirectly said the show can’t run without him.

Akash Soni asked who the Bollywood materials among the contestants are. Salman did not answer the query but he welcomes Ayushmann Khurrana got connected from home. He appreciated the biggest reality show being hosted by the biggest star. Ayushmann said his family loves Big Boss. He himself is a great fan of Big Boss.

Ayushmann, Aman and Sonam as well as Salman got connected to the Big Boss House from his Studio.

Ayushmann  said people in the house should take tasks seriously. Everyone targeted towards Rimi.  Salman asked Rimi aap ko prpblem kya hei (What is your problem?), she said I am not happy with a restricted life. Akash asked why her bundle of talent is not coming out. Rimi answered she is not mentally very strong, but I will get used to it. Salman Khan said the cameras may have bothered Rimi. Salman further motivated Salman by saying she had seen struggle in her past. Rimi further said When the world sees you become conscious, Salman says speak from the heart and forget about the world.

Sonam said you all are doing well. She congratulated Mandana that she picks up Hindi so well. Salman says 70% Iranians speak Hindi. Sonam asked her to share her Rajma recipe, sonam says teach me recipe and Salman says pls teach your way of preparing rajma to my mom.  He said come and make dinner at home.

Ayushmann sang the few lines of the famous song ji haal e masti to entertain all . Akash asked a question to mandana that why keith felt surprised when you did not want to change him as a partner. You are a difficult person and keith could handle you better, Is this the reason? Mandana said his personality, approach is very fine and she likes perfection, Keith makes everything easy.

Salman said Keith is lucky to have two partners Mandana and Rochelle.

Sonam asked Digangana and  Roopal why they don’t interact with others ?

Digangana said it’s very true, she is occupied in kitchen; Sonam asked them to stop behaving like high school girl and stop spending most of the time among you. She further says If you have personality and point of view, you will have more fans.

Ayushmann asked Prince are you from Chandigarh? He also recited a line of a famous song Chandigarh kre ashiquee just to make him smile. He asked what further plans are. Prince replied, I am looking at Salman if I could become 1 or 2% of him

Ayushmann complemented Arvind bhai you had a promising start, people targeted you due to your snores, and as you are not from the industry. He again asked what the difference between snores of Arvind and Vikas is. It was just a joke.

Aman Verma :  Salman called him Naughty boy, sonam asked who is your friend and confidante ?. Salman said is it camera? And laughed

Aman said Keith, Vikas are the people with whom he feels comfortable. Salman said One week ago when you had kishwer as partner you were very happy, to this Aman replied saying When you start living with people you know their similarities and contrasts, in a week I got to know that. Kam kar na and living together are separate.

Mandana knew well about the game plan, Mandana said I am in Bog boss house I know that it is not a real house. People will come and go. I am not here to make friends. She further says from 10 years she has been living alone, mere liye it is not very tough. Everyone talked that the Show is not scripted.

Mandana said she is realistic, its big boss’s house and I have no plan. Everyone is not going to win. Somone said we are family but she does not agree.

When Rochelle was asked to speak she said if something is there in my mind I say that. Reality TV is difficult than live cricket Rochelle said.

But to this statement Ayushmaan said Reality main aap ko emotions jyada dikhana ke mauka mil ta hei. Says Ayshman Khurana

Akash asked : Romance related question : Tension between couple he indicated towards keith and Mandana and how Rochelle takes this.

Rimi said Rochelle you are smart, you sense things. Does Mandana become best friend? Rochelle said my personality makes me friendly. It is not that I have no temper. It may come out.

Salman showed a trailer of perm rattan Dhan payo. Salman asked Sonam to say something about the movie to which Sonam said Salman is my co-star and it is releasing in Diwali. She was happy to be part of the movie opposite Salman Khan.

Salman continued talking to the members of the house. He then showed a slide where Keith was sitting behind Mandana; Rochelle was sitting just infornt of him with Prince: He asked to other Jodi members what was running in Keith’s mind that time?

Slide -2:  Rochelle’s picture was captured where she had her eyes wide open: Salman hinted that expression might be towards Mandana, Oh really that’s my boyfriend.

Jodis were called to come to the Drawing boards: Keith and Mandana:

How many times you fight: Both answered correct

How many times Mandana uses Oil and cream: Mandana answered 6 and Keith answered 2 times.

Price and Suyassh were called at the drawing boards

Said to write Flirt: Prince writes No and Suyassh writes No too.

Suyassh’s gussa : Both wrote the name of kishwer as reason.

If  single : Prince wrote Yuvika and Suyassh writes Rimi on the board


Vikas and Yuvika were asked to write what they think about Salman’s Phrases,

Ghar se bahar : yuvika yes and vikas no : Salman says both are safe

Now from Arvind, Ankit and Roopal and Digangana, One Jodi is in risk.

Snap deal dil ki deal winners: Salman called a random number and there was a lady from Mumbai who answered the call, she was asked to ask any question to the winners keith and Mandana. She asked though Keith and Mandana have a great Jodi, they look nice in the Jodi, they are confident but why keith did not say anything to Mandana when she said Rochelle is not smart. She further asked as Mandana is his temporary partner he did not defended what she said about his girl friend ?

Keith said he did not agree that Rochelle is not smart. He further said Rochelle thinks from heart and she is natural, she never fakes. Mandana said she did not mean to insult Rochelle rather she said that she is a sweet person and she should not turn bad.

Out of Ankit, Arvind Digangana and roopal : Ankit and Arvind got evicted, Mandana cried. When their Jodi was about to move Salman stopped them and said there is twist to the tale. Arvind stays and Ankit has to go.

Ankit Khera went out of house. He went straight  to the media house.

Your image as a playboy was not seen as a playoboy in the house ? question from Media

Ankit you had masala and Roopal but  you did not do well you could have done ?

Ankit replied I am not such a gamers and I played my natural game. People at least saw my true personality and not the one for which I have become controversial.

Salman Khan asked in what week what you learnt he replied it changed his life. I changed as a person.


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