Big Boss 9 Day 71 Day 72

Day 71 was graced with the presence of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. Both of them continued their presence on the day 71, they had their fun plans for the team members; both of them called upon Prince, Suyyash and Kiswer and gave them a small act. Kishwer was given a choice to choose one of them as her boy friend and one as her dog, Kishwer deliberately choose Suyyash as her dog and Prince as her boy friend. The act continued with Suyyash licking Kishwer’s face as a dog in the act and Shahrukh telling Suyyash how vulgar it looks though humorously.

Later Shahrukh asked Rishabh and Mandana to come on to the stage and perform on an act where Rishabh has to propose Mandana, Shahrukh taught Rishbah how to propose, he also told Prince to propose Norah, Prince nicely propsed Norah with some romantic lines from Dilwale.

Later the crown of Mr and Ms Dilwala and Dilwali went to Rishabh and Priya, It was a surprise. Is not it?

A heated discussion went on between Rishabh and Priya as Rishabh alleged that Priya made sleazy comments. Prince supported Rishabh on the same. Priya objected saying Rishabh does not know the meaning of sleazy. Actually Priya behaved a little awkward infront of Shahrukh and Kajol. She alos made a comment on Prince saying something like Punjabi Dog.

Priya talked to Gisel and said the entire house is againt her and all of them target her over the way she talks, eats, cries.

Big Boss announced a Task for luxry Budget whoseeffects will be seen on the nominations and captaincy. Big Boss asked Prince, the captain of the house to come to a room from where he can see the members of the team in pairs standing opposite each other on a pole. He had to bet which pair will win in order to get 3 lakh added to the winning price. Winning price as of now is 39 lakh.

He put his bet on Keith-Norah pair, one by one pairs could not stand on the pole and given up. Mandana was the first to quit, hence Kishwer-Mandana pair lost, Suyyash-Priya gave up, later Keith could not sustain hence their pair lost.

Rishabh and Rochele won the pole task due to which Prince’s bet failed.

2nd task was about wrestling with some professional wrestlers, for females there are female wrestler while for males there are male wrestlers. Prince had to bet the winning pair before the task began. Prince made his bet on Suyyash and Priya both of whom lost to the wrestlers. Mandana and Keith gave tough challenge to the trained wrestlers.

3rd Task is about teams giving tough tasks to their opponents. Prince made his bet once again on Priya and Suyyash. Priya and Suyyash gave tough tasks to Norah, they asked her to do squats with 15 kilo each side and Norah did it with difficulty, In between the task Norah and Priya went into an heated argument, Gisel, the sanchalak of the task could not pacify them.

Mandana once again targeted when Gisel came to know about what Mandana told Rochele about her dressing sense, Upbringing and frame of mind. Gisel strongly objected and argued on the same with Mandana which later resulted into a verbal warfare.

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