Big Boss 9 day 83 with Sunny Deol, Nora evicted

Salman showed some of the footages that showed how the team members create unnecessary issues and wait for Saturday for Salman Khan to judge them. Salman told every one in the house that what ever is morally correct is right; there is no need to wait for me to know who is right who is wrong, whose actions were wrong and who’s right.

One footage showed how Nora fought with Rishabh saying you did not learn anything from chor-police task, Rishabh said he wants to see what she would do in life once she goes out of the house. Nora felt bad about what Rishabh said and she had a heated argument with Rishabh on the same.

They discussed about what Kishwer and Prince discussed about Nora

Kishwer said natak kar rahi hei. Kishwer talked about Nora and Prince’s closeness, she asked Prince if she is genuinely inrrested or just spoiling your game?

Nora agreed eventaully that she has a special connection with Prince.

What happens to Yuvika then? Salman asked?

Rochelle said Nora might have come once after consulting Cool group to fight once again with Rishabh, as Nora came shouted on Rishabh saying you don’t know how much I struggled in life and this is due to my struggle I reached here.

Salman asked why Priya and Mandana always fight? He also asked Mandana to don’t underestimate members of the team, his question to her is do you think others as inferior? He also warned Mandana that if you are doing it for the game or it is just your nature? He said most of times Mandana involves where she gets benefits and gets away once she realizes that there is no benefit with ceratin task or person. Salman said loyalty keeps one closer to others while smartness helps but not selfishness.


Salman welcomed stage Sunny Deol. He called upon sunny as superstar sunny as well as super shy sunny. He said this going to be a shy time with Sunny. He made sunny dance to his songs, while both of them delivered dailouges from each other’s movie.

Salman connected Sunny Deol to the house where everyone sitting there greeted Sunny Deol, Prince said Sunny and his father Dharmendra command lots of respect in Punjab, Salman said not only in Punjab but in the entire world.

Salman asked Sunny to tell about who is the female sunny of the house. For this they the females of the house had to deliver sunny’s famous dailouge from Damini, tarikh pe tarikh. Mandana, Rochelle and priya was told to deliver the dailouge correctly. After all Mandana after great efforts delivered the dailouge and won that task.

Kishwer and Priya were told to dance on yara o yara milna hamara song from a Sunny’s movie. Though they did the steps Salman said Sunny’s dance was far better than their.

Rochelle pulled out the hand pump and delivered sunny’s dailouge, Hindustan zindabad tha zindabad hai from Gadar ek prem katha.

Sunny came on to Big Boss to promote ghayal returns. Salman said few words of praise over Ghayal which was a blockbuster of that time. He told the audience that befor you go to watch ghayal returns in theater do watch ghayal at home.

Sunny left the house after wishing luck for the team members while Salman announced a bad news for Nora who got evicted. It was a heart-broken time for Prince who cried when she left the house. It seemed they trule have some special connection.


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