Big Boss 9 Day 85 Mandana Priya fight, Finale nominations

 Day 85 started with Priya’s comment on Mandana which triggred a big fight among the two. Priya told Mandana that she heard from Rochelle that Mandana’s boy friend as well as her family does no feel proud of her. Mandana reacted angrily saying it was baseless, she also asked Roschelle for clarification. Rochelle said she never said anything that would have caused a fight. Priya and Mandana shifted their fight towards Rochelle and asked why she told this to Priya. Later when Mandana started arguing the same with Keith indicating Rochelle, Keith shouted on her saying discuss with Rochelle and not me.

Rochelle later felt upset about why Keith was not in support when Mandana and Priya attacked her, Keith clarified that he had not heard any conversation between Priya and Rochelle.

Later Prince, Kishwer, Mandana, Keith targeted Priya saying she is breaking the peace of the house by raising comments about other’s personal life.

Rishabh and Priya were seen clearly sidelined by others.

Later Priya found her stall which was lost somewhere from a few days and it was found that Mandana stold her stall. Priya reacted to this even see cried saying people in the house has gone to that extent of shamelessness by taking away or stealing her personal belongings. Her stall was found in a dustbin.

Big Boss announced nomination process for the team. Priya, Rishabh, Kishwer, Rochelle and Keith were nominated for this week, while Keith as per fisrt finale nominations had been nominated for the remaining months.

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