Big Boss 9 Day 86,87 Sand container task

The day started with Mandana appologising for stealing Priya’s shawal to which priya reacted badly and told her that do not appologsise everytime and repeat the same thing.

Priya told Mandana that she has called her Bad woman, when she complanied the same to Prince, prince was little insensitive to the same and told in this house we all say anything to anyone sometimes. He also told that Priya herself takes Nora’s name that has already left the house.

Rishabh and Mandana also a had a brief verbal war when Mandana alleged that he has no mind, he is just a dog, Rishabh said he knows whom to support and what to support. He also called Mandana as a theif and asked has she developed this habit recently or she has been a theif from childhood?

Big Boss gave a very unique task where every team member has to protect their sand containers. Keith was appointed as the organizer of the task. Now Big Boss has given flexibility to the members that they can throw sand from each other’s container. At the end whose container is found with largest quantity of Sand will be announced winners.

Priya was targeted by Prince, Kishwer, they tried to remove sand from Priya’s sand container while Priya targeted Mandana, and she tried to remove and almost removed the liver of Mandana’s sand container.

Mandana almost cried when Priya applied force in removing the liver from the container.

Later Priya left her container to be removed of sand.

In the day 87 Big Boss asked to remove the liver from their container and collect the sand in a bucket and then refill from ther above the container.

Priya left no chance in removing sand from Prince’s sand container; it was Prince who gave tough challenge as he was obviously physically powerful, he resisted nicely while Priya later moved to Rochelle and do not let Rochelle to fill the bucket of sand and refill it in the sand container. Rochelle pleaded Priya not to do this, Priya said it is her strategy and that’s why she is doing this. She did not leave any chance in making Rochelle cry. Eventually Rochelle gives up the task.

Rishabh was also badly bothered by Mandana, Rochelle and Prince.

Later Kishwer, Prince and Mandana were declared as winners of the game.

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