Big Boss 9 day 99, Silent disco, Yuvika, Nora and Gizele come to meet the members of house or distract them ?

It was pretty good day with a unique task called “Silent Disco” where each member has to perform with another member on a disco song/tune. They have show energy, dancing skills as well as involvement in the task.

Everyone started doing the task wearing their head phones.

Amid the task Yuvika appeared. She met with members who were doing the task and members who were resting after their share of participation. Yuvika met prince and clarified that she has never said that she was not interested in Prince, Prince also openely admitted that he had a crush on her but as Yuvika told that time that you don’t know about my past and it takes time to take a decision if you really want to say that you love someone.

Then the door of Big Boss house opened again and this time it’s Nora, Uhh, Prince was delighted, elated and excited see her But Nora said I will not talk to you. It was of course not with her serious tone. Noras later talked to Prince about her and Yuvika, she wanted clarification if Prince is still confused about whom he loves. Prince said there was nothing between him and Yuvika except a one-side infatuation while with Nora he has love. Nora felt assured that Prince is still her.


The door of Big Boss house once again opned and this time it is Gizele who entered the house. She met all of the house members as well as Yuvika. She told Yuvika that Prince looks happy with Yuvika.


Once all of them went out Big Boss called of the task and asked the team members to decide whose performance is poorest among them.  Mandana, Rochelle and Keith decided it was Rishabh’s performance. Rishabh got very unhappy about the same and he was unhappy when Keith said his energy level was not that good comparing to Rochelle, he made his judgement as per his wish. Rishabh said he has become an object of under-estimation.

In the below picture a little bird entered into the Big Boss house, Mandana asked Rishabh to take the bird out of the house, Rishabh took the little life outside the house.


BiG BoSS has arranged a lavish dinner party for the rest except Rishabh as his performance was poorest, everyone said they may go to the dinning room but they will not eat anything. Mandana fell ill so she was also not present in the dining room. Dinner was served for Keith, Rochelle and Prince but they did not have even a bite from that. As they did not eat anything Big Boss was unhappy about them and told Rochelle to keep the food served for them in the store room.


Rishbah once again started venting out his frustration at Keith and Rochelle saying they labled him as the least entertainer, this time Prince, Rochelle and Keith both shouted at him and told him that they were disappointed by his attitude, they left the dinner for him and he is still stuck with the same point.


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