Big Boss 9 Elimination process

 Salman’s entry in Big Boss House

Big Boss Day 6 started with talks of snoring of Vikas and Arvind. Salman Khan hosts the 2 days of the weekend. As Salman said hello to all contestants his eyes moved towards Rimi. He asked Rimi why she was labeled as a weak performer. Salman also pointed towards Suyyash about why he remained so angry and he also talked about his roughness towards Rimi.

Salman congratulated Prince as he became most wanted from unwanted.

Rimi and suyassh went double trouble room where they were asked about their inability to perform well comparing to the other jodis. Rimi was very candid about it; she said she is responsible for the Jodi’s failure. They also agreed that their understanding in the team was not good.

They further clarified that they were named in the worst Jodi category as the tasks given to them were tough, the two tasks given to them were shaving their heads and having a large sized big boss tattoo to be put on his skin.

Others think they were weaker and Rimi said she is weak comparing to the other challenger.

Suyassh complained kishwer, his girlfriend did not spend at least 5 mins while Kishwer denied the same. All the blame finally shifted to Aman. Kishwer said Aman was not sensitive. Kishwer said Aman should have the common sense to give space to her so that she can spend some time with Suyassh.

Syuassh when lost the task he was said that  Aman should be sensitive to give Kishwer some space so that he could get consoled by her.

Even Suyassh said Aman has no respect for a woman, he sat on the bed while Kishwer sat on the floor, At the bathroom Aman sat on chair while Kishwer sat on ground. To this Salman said they have a different equation as they know each other from a long time, worked with each other and they have a friendly equation. Even Suyassh said that Kishwer does not put her opinions to which Salman said Kishwer is very opinionated, she always voices her concerns. Finally they said Aman should be little understaning towards Kishwer.

What would Rochelle feel having in a new Jodi ?

Rimi said Rochelle is very strong mentally, Rimi said she brainwashed her, she says we would prepare better and Rimi could do it.

Why Rochelle did not want to break Mandana and Keith’s partnership?

Salman said Rochelle did not want to have a weak partner with keith because she loves keith a lot and does not want to take any chance.

Salman welcomes Alia Bhatt and Shahid kapoor into Big Boss they danced to the tune of gulabo song

Shahid and Alia came from big boss house; they met with the big boss participants, Shahid happily addressed all team mates.

Shahid asked who is the hottest female in the house.

All the members selected Rochelle and she was crowned as hottest lady in the house.

Hottest man:  Digangana said Aman while Aman said Digangana as a complete package.

Roopla  nominated keith as the hottest man

Rimi said  keith as the hottest man

Mandana said Keith

Yuvika said keith

Keith crowned as the hottest man in the house.

Special Title best audience member:

Rimi was referred as best passive member

Entire team selected hottest Keith and Mandana as the hottest Jodi.

8 contestants named Rimi Sen, Suyyash Rai, Ankit Gera, Arvind Vegda, Yuvika Chaudhary, Vikas Bhalla, Digangana Suryavanshi and Roopal Tyagi as nominated for elimination.


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