Big Boss 9 episode 101 Fight between Prince and Mandana, Rochelle and Rishabh went out of the house to ask for votes

Prince and Mandana were not in a mood to settle down. They once again fought due to some differences, Mandana indicated how Prince kicked out Kishwer from the game and she also told that Prince made relations in order to win the game. She indicated Nora and Yuvika besides Suyyash and Kishwer. Prince got angry for this and said Kishwer and all others whom Mandana named value a lot to him and he does not want to discuss further.

The fight went on so bitter that Mandana took away the plate of food Prince and Rishbah were having during breakfast, Mandana indeed prepared breakfast so she felt its her right to took away the food she made for others.

Big Boss announced a task where the garden area has 3 color-filled bottles for each of the members of the team. Members of the house should run towards the garden area when the Buzzer would sound and empty the bottle of any one of the members, the one who would go first and ring the bell located near the bottles will have the right to empty the bottle of any other house member. He also has to state personal reason for emptying the bottle of the other. Prince was swift in the task, he ran, reached and rang the bell everytime so he had right to empty someone’s bottles.


He one by one emptied Mandana’s red-coloured bottles and gave reason that she has been alleging that she betrayed his friends in order to win the game, he also said she snached the food while he was eating.


When the task ended it was found that only Rishabh and Rochelle’s bottles were safe, hence Big Boss announced Rishabh and Rochelle as winner and gave a great opportunity to go outside and ask for votes. They reached a mall blind-folded, when their blind folds were opened they were both surprised to find them inside different cages in a mall. They could see and talk to hundreds of people who have come forward and started voting for them. Voting lines were specially opned for them till 10 PM.


Mandana and Prince were all alone in the house, Prince sang a famous Hindi song hum tum ek kamre main band ho. Prince said sorry to Mandana and tried to patch up. He also requested Mandana to cook food for him, Mandana demanded foot massaga for cooking food. It seemsed a fair deal, Prince was happy.


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