Big Boss 9 episode 89 Kishwer exits Big Boss 9

Day has started with an argument between Mandana and Priya in connection to preparing paratha. Mandana told Priya not to waste atta and also told her how to make paratha. Priya said she knows how to make paratha and she threw some atta as her hair got stuck to it. Mandana called Priya as Phyco while Priya was not in a mood to fight with her.

Prince and Kishwer were not ready to give up the task. Prince and Kishwer both discussed about how they are stuck in this task. There was no other option rather one of them giving up the task. Big Boss increased the amount to 15 lakh for the one who will give up the task. Prince said his parents have a dream of seeing her in the finale while Kishwer also said prince that Suyyash wants her to see as the winner. But later Kishwer gave up the task and decided to quit with 15 lakh prize money as she wanted her so-called brother Prince will win the show.

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