Big Boss 9 Imam Siddique enters the house

Imam, a contestant of Big Boss 6 enters BB9 to test patience of the house members. Imam is very famous for his attitude as well as sharp tounge.

He entered the house in a royal attire of a king. He then started commenting on everyone in the house. He told prince that your name should not be prince; you don’t even look like a prince rather you look like a bravo. He told Mandana that never ever use bad words and be respectful to him. He told Keith that you look very bias towards Rochelle while you forget your true self.

He was very happy with Priya and told that she is a one woman armyin the house capable of winning the game. He clarified from Rishabh why he took his name is wrong way when he told Kawaljeet that don’t behave like Imam Siddique.

Big Boss assigned a task called Imam Kush hua. Team members have to perform as per Imam’s wish.

Before that Imam told Keith to impress Priya with words. Keith used his experience and acting skills to impress Priya.

He advised Priya that she should have a different hairstyle; He said Mandana knows hairdressing and she would give her a good hair style, later he gave her a wig to try, Priya looked nice wearing the big, it suited her face.

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