Big Boss 9 Imam Siddique tourtured the house with a task

 Imam in the previous episode gave a task to Mandana, as per the task Mandana needs to be close to Prince, now it was a tough task for Mandana as she was not willing to do the task but initially she agreed in getting closer to Prince. Later Imam went to Prince and revealed the same to Prince saying she asked her to become close to you.

In this episode Mandana came to Imam and told him that she can not do the task and she is not comfortable with the task. She also said she has a bf and it won’t look nice.

Big Boss announced a task called Ignore Imam where all the team members have to ignore him while he has the right to disturb them. Imam tried his best to irritate the members except Mandana, Rochele. He obstructed the door of the house so that Prince, Rishabh and Keith can not enter the house. He then shouted on the them badly, later he alleged that Prince, Rishabh and Keith got physical with him. He told Keith that he showed eye, while he badly shouted on Prince and Rishabh. He threw some food paste over Priya’s head and Priya could not say anything.

At the end he came with chili powder to throw at Rishabh but he did not do that but made Rishabh realized that he did wrong in one of the task where he sprayed chilli powder at Rochelle and Prince.

Big Boss announced that the task is ended seeing Imam getting aggressive. Imam did not stop teasing Prince and Rishbah even after the task ended.

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