Big Boss 9 Nomination Special

 Week-2 in Big Boss House

8th day: Arvind says no one talks to me as Ankit left. Pls talk to him guys.

Everyone wakes up to Jahan Teri Yeh Nazar Hai song.

Big Boss nomination process starts: Every Jodi has to nominate the other. Big Boss suggested that one each from the Jodis has to self-nominate and each Jodi should select the one who seems to be more popular among the people so that they can be later safe through Public voting.

Arvind can be nominated. Vikas and Yuvika’s Jodi cannot be nominated.

Keith and Mandana went to confession room: They were told to nominate 2 Jodis: they said their first choice is Aman and Kishwer : reason is Aman 2nd Suyyash and Prince :  Mandana said prince negatively remarked  to her during a task.

Suyyash and Prince nominated Rimi and Rochelle because Rimi has no interest in the game,2ndly they nominated Keith and Mandaan

Rimi and Rochelle nominated kishwer and aman as they felt kishwer could not solve her problem but she minds other’s business, she wants to portray aman as a bad person, Digangana and Rooplal : weak as partners, they don’t have the qualities to stay in the game.

Roopla and Digangana nominated Prince and Suyyash : as per them prince gets angry, he is self-proclaimed  while they think he is manipulative too.

Vikas and Yuvika nominated Aman and Kishwer : As per them Aman has negativity and superficiality he is calculative and manipulative.

Rimi and Rochelle were their 2nd nomination as  rimi makes the environment negative as she wants to go and she creates that atmosphere of negativity towards Big Boss’s game.

Aman and Kishwer nominated Mandana and Keith as per them Mandana is very adamant.

Their 2nd nomination was Roopal and Digangana as they do not mix up with other members.

Arvind nominated Rimi and Rochelle as per him Rimi’s negativity is affecting others.

His 2nd nomination was Suyyash and Prince, Suyyash gets personal, he does not respect others. There is way to talk and he should know that.

2.30 PM :  Big Boss announced the Jodis who were nominated, these are as follows, Rimi and Rochelle  , Suyyash and Prince, aman and kishwer, keith and mandana, Roopal and Digangana.

Big Boss further said from every nominated Jodi, one member from a Jodi should keep safe and the other has to self-nominate. No one this week will be evicted.

Keith discussed about nominating himself first but after discussion they felt Keith is more popular out of the house so Mandana self-nominated her.

Rimi, prince, aman, mandana, roopal self-nominated themselves.

3 Pm: Everyone asks the audience to save them

8th Day evening 7.15 Pm:

Keith,Prince, Digangana, Suyyash got free of their bondage to move towards the living room, Big Boss announced that they have to play an auction to get their Bags. As per the auction out of 4 members 3 of them has to declare a price not less than 3 lac rupees and the 4th member can declare any auction value.

Keith declared an auction value of zero.

Prince showed 300000 as an auction value

Digangana declared  400000 as auction avlue

Suyyash declared a value of 3, 33,330.

There was confusion among the 4 related to the process. Big Boss clarified that total money declared as auction will be deducted from the Total Price money of the expected winner of Big Boss 9 and the highest 2 auctioneers among the 3 will get their bags.

After the game finished they were still confused and blamed Big Boss that they did not understand the game process to which Big Boss said they should be more carefully while Big Boss says something.

Digangana  and Suyyash got their bags as they were highest auctioneers.

Now the Price money after deduction will be 39,66,668 ( deducted from the total price money of 50 Lac)

Kishwer shouted stupidity, she further said they could have said no to the game. Digangana said it was neither a physical or mental task rather it was a task where money was involved, they could have said no to it.

Roopal ran into a heated discussion with others relating the auction, when Suyyash, Kishwer and other members defended she targeted Suyyash and others saying they are doing this for footage.

Vikas asked Rimi what did you feel when you entered Big Boss.  Rimi said within 2 mins she felt negative vibes. She vented her frustration by saying Big Boss’s house is nothing less than a hell.


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