Big Boss 9 Week 3 story

Big Boss week-3 day-1

Big Boss asks Prince and Suyyash to free their bondage to which they felt very good and thanked Big Boss.

The nomination process of Big Boss starts. Big Boss said Keith and Mandana cannot be nominated as they were already nominated. Kishwer cannot be nominated as she is the captain of the house. She has been immune to nomination this time. Big Boss asks the remaining members of the house to nominate 2 persons from the house. Nomination was based on lowest contribution by team mates.

Aman nominated Vikas and Suyyash, for Suyyash Aman gave personal reasons, hence Big Boss asked him to nominate any other. He nominated Arvind.

Yuvika nominated Arvind and Rimi as they were not performing.

Suyyash nominated Arvind and Digangana: As per him Arvind has an inability to take decision like what he did earlier. Digangana as per him is very girlish and immature.

Digangana nominated Arvind (as he went into a shell and does not discuss anything with anyone), and Vikas (He takes too much stress and easily get stressed when a task is given to him)

Mandana nominated Digangana (she behaves like a kid and her personality does not shine as others are mature and have strong personality) and Arvind (as he has become lonely and does not do much)

Prince nominated Arvind (as he does not understand the tasks well and does not have good decision making, Aman (as Aman is not active in the game, he remains silent at times).

Kishwer nominated Vikas (as Vikas did not perform well even if he got a chance to prove himself as a captain, Digangana (it becomes hard for her to portray herself among more stronger and mature contestants).

Vikas nominated Arvind and Rochelle as he felt they are no performing.

Rimi nominated Digangana and Arvind as they do not have the qualities that the game requires.

Rochelle nominated Arvind and Digangana, as per her Arvind is not performing and Digangana seems very childish at times, she also lacks maturity.

Arvind nominated Vikas and Digangana, as per him Vikas was not promising and while Digangana was immature.

Mandana and Prince went into a discussion. Mandana said she understands the kind of soft comments he and other members pass at her related to her contribution towards house work. Prince also said sometimes you say too much.

Kishwer told Mandana that mere captaincy mai aap ne kam nahi kia. Mandana said she worked well except the day she fell ill, she said I cleaned the floor. Kishwer showed her authority as a captain and told you have to work.

15th day:  Garden Area mai Sky lounge ke paas ak murti, Big Boss introduced all the team members to Big Boss’s Baba at the Garden are near Sky lounge.

Big Boss said Baba will give you your predictions of your present and future. He will give valuable predictions of your present and future. He will talk to the persons who are not nominated.

Rochelle: Baba said you smile a lot, ye hansi gyab bhi ho sakti hei, if you want to keep on smiling you have to stand; don’t get infuneced it may be costly, jo khud ko sahi lag ta hei wahi sahi hota hei.

Kishwer: Mathe se baal to hata li jaye. Captain ka taj saf saf dikh rha hei, a strong contender, ye captaincy kuch din ki hei, if you want to remain as captain for the future you have to play like you are playing.

Suyyash : confusion saaf najar aa rha hei, dil aur dimag ke bich mai uljhe hue ho. He showed the clipping of her sister, kishwer’s involvement makes him weak, and individuality bahar laye. Apne hamesha faide ki baat kart e hei.

Prince: Baba said, Prince naam hei, us hisab se tumhe raja ho na tha, raja to chodo raank nahi ban paye, Kisi aur ke pith pr chad kr race mai bhag na band kr na ho ga, Baba Showed the clip of his sister’s message. His sister said about his entertaining quality; she also said don’t be into the trap of groupism.

Yuvika :  baba ko laga tha ghar walon ke sath hei confuse ho, headphone pehen ne mai bhi confuse ho, har chiz mai confuse. Har chiz ko aaram se kar na, sahi waqt pr sahi baat na kar na ,  Baba also said it is not a talent hunt, you have to keep your views and stand points.

Aman : Baba ne Aman ke mathe pr bane lakiron ko dekh kar kha jarurat se jayad soch te ho, you have to come out of your dream world. You have to move things; it will not be done automatically.

Kihswer said it’s a mind game.

Prince, Yuvika and Aman discussed among one another. They talked about how to play the game natuallay as per the expectation of their fans.

Suyyash and Prince discussed during 11 pm: Prince said people have seen me doing tasks and from now onwards I have to do the tasks as the prince that people saw me.

Prince talked about Rochelle : Jo man mai aye wahi kru ga. We should not be influenced. Logon ki msg aya hei jo tum ho vaise khelo.

11.30 pm : Yuvika and prince discussed : Prince said thank god baba ji aye and he awakened him. Prince said I am not here to make rishtedari. Kishwer speculated that other members may be talking to prince about his and Suyyash’s friendship and they might be trying to break it.

Rochelle talked keith about keith’s and mandana’s firndship. Keith said Rochelle that someday you may get a chance to nominate me, it’s a game. She asked him to see beyond friendship.

 Big Boss Week 3 Day-2

Big Boss gives a task to Prince and suyaash and makes Kishwer its administrator sanchalak

Prince and suyyash were given the task to write their status on their individual fan pages, there was a wall made on the garden area where they have to write their status.

They have to declare it loudly while writing the status. There was an argument about who will write the status first.

Prince wrote on his wall his first status as aap sab smjhdar ho jo kro ge manjur hoga, pls help me

Suyyash wrote the status as yha lad ne nahi aya hu,task end tak fight kru ga

 Prince said I will be fair in the game even if Suyyas is my friend

Rochelle told Suyyash that your status seems fake, ek bhi chiz nahi chodi lad ne ke liye (You have fought on every single thing)

Rochelle disked suyyash’s status saying nakli ( fake ) status hei

Aman and Suyyash had a discussion where Aman talked about why Suyyash felt negative when kishwer was with him as a partner; Aman said you should have told me if you felt negative, suyyash said aap se jyada gussa kishwer pr tha (I was angry of Kihswer and not you)

Aman talked about previous nomination where as an understanding partner kishwer should have nominated her like Mandana who nominated her. They were talking about the nominations where the one partner from the Jodi had to self-nominate in order to save the other. Big Boss said the strong member of the Jodi should nominate himself as he/she can come back again due to their popularity and public support.

Kishwer got angry over Aman and shouted on him, to this Aman said as you are a Sanchalak you can not come in between the discussion, Kishwer reacted loudly saying I will talk in between as you were discussing about me, the whole scene converted into a verbal warfare between Aman and Kishwer, Kishwer shouted saying I am captain of the house and I can come in between discussion. She said Aman that you can’t take my name.

Aman said Aap snchalak hei aap bich main ahi bol nahi skate.

Suyyash and kishwer  jab bhi sath mai reh te hei reaction hota hei.  Jab bhi suyah ke sath koi baat kr na cha te hei kishwer aa ja tei hei ( Aan said whenever Kishwer and Suyaash are together there are reactions and he also said whenever someone talks to Suyaash Aman comes in between and interrupts.

Keith and other members are seen supporting Aman.

Rochelle said English mai baat kr reh hei, mai complain kr na cha tei hu. Bag wali baat they discussed. Aman said I will take your name

Prince told Keith that I will be fair in nomination

Rochelle said your way is wrong to suyyash.

Kishwer said Aman wanted me to flip like kieth and mandana.

Rochelle said in 15 days I never compared my relationship with Keith

Most of the house members become friend of prince and most of them liked prince’s status.

Kishwer was upset about aman’s view.

Kishwer : dusron ke baat sun ke haat utha ya hei, she said bol ne ki himmat mere pas hei. Vikas said Arvind bhadka rha hei. Vikas supported Kishwer.

Status change: Big Boss gave a chance to both prince and Suyyash to change their status on wall.

Mandana said suyyash bol ta hei mujhe farak nahi pad ta hei. Ek captain and dusra nomination mai jaye ga. They both trying to move the public, prince is proving that I am not a chamcha of Kishwer and Suyyash.

Suyyash wrote a new status on his wall, situation and equation badle gi but meri soch nahi


Rochelle gave a comment to Suyyash and said he is influenced but Suyyash tried to convince him saying if you try to judge me then you will always see negativity in me while if you try to understand me without judging then you then you may know me properly. Suyyash hinted a little about her capability of speaking and understanding hindi properly. To this Rochelle told do you think I am incapable of judging?

Suyyash also told half of the time I can’t deliver my message be due to language. Ek had tak aap ke sawala ka jawab dunga. She blames both Prince and Suyyash that tum ladkion se nahi puch tei aur decision le te hain, Rochelle said main prince se pehle baat kr chuki hu.

kishwer came in between. Aman said kishwer comes in between. Aap ungli aisi kr ke ucchi awaj mai baat kyu kar tei hei.
Aman said this was my mistake. Kishwer said practice what you preach, kishwer said I know this man (Aman) very well.

Big Boss said I did not interrupt anyone even if they broke rules. He also asked Prince and Suyyash you did not exercise the right when some of the members broke the rule.

Price said kishwer that you dont come between discussion as you’re sanchalak for the task, he said agar aap bich mai aao ge to mai bich mai aau ga. Prince and Suyyash fought taking that sentence, Prince said gali mat de himmat hei to mujhe bolo,  prince said sab alga lag reh hei, kishwer said tu raat se hei alag lag reh hi.

Kishwer cried and suyyash came to console. Prince convinced kishwer. Prince said I did not talk to anyone against you.

Rochelle said I and prince were partners, Prince was seen saying I am not here to make groupism, he also said I will play my natural game as expected by my fans outside home.

Big Boss announced that both prince and suyaash can take the support of an extra user on their fan page, that extra user will become their permanent friend.

Big Boss further announced that Suyyash and his friends have to perform over the song Galla gudia

And Prince has to perform aaj ki party mere taraf se

As per Big Boss the one team whose performance will be better than the other will be declared as winner.

Later Prince and Suyaash ran into a heated argument when prince said don’t give me any comment that can hurt me. It was so heated that prince said gali mat de, suyyash said tu tu mat kro tameez se baat kr na. joke nahi mar sakta hei. Prince scolded Suyyash as ghatiya insan (Bad man)


WEEK 3 DAY3 Big Boss 9

 Suyyash and his fan friends woke up to the song given to Suyyash, It was 6 o clock early in the morning. All his fan friends went to a separate room danced to the song given to them.

At 8.30 Big Boss played another song for prince’s team. Prince along with his fan friends danced to the song but they did a mistake of not putting mikes while dancing to the song.

Suyyash updated his status by writing on the wall, Pal do pal ka safar hei jo bhi decision lunga apne goodwill ko sath main rakh kar.

Mandana and Rochelle talked about prince and suyyash as acting smart and they are two sides of the same coin. This fight is for captaincy.

Suyyash and rimi talked about prince. They talked about how prince really changed and influenced.

11 Am: Status: sari Raat jagaya band hamara bajaya,Prince updates his status. Aman suggested the status message to Prince. They were targeting towards Vikas, Kishwer and Suyyash.

Seeing that status on Prince’s wall Vikas talked about Aman saying even if he turned 50 he does not behave mature, he further told that even if Aman says that Salman is his ideal in life, he has not even learnt anything from Salman.

Big Boss asks all members to come to the living area

Yuvika took her support from prince and gave to suyyash.

Big Boss asked Kishwer to judge among Prince and Suuyash as per their Fan page activity was concerned, he said the judgement should be based on team’s performance and entertainment value.

Kishwer said even if Prince’s team performed well they did break the rule by not wearing the mike while dancing on their song.

Extra user from store room and suyyash ke board pr lga de, big boss said.

Rochelle changed her support and gave it to suyyash saying he should be given a chance but when Prince said you should not take off your support, Prince convinced her, Rochelle got convinced and liked Prince’s status.

After half an hour Big Boss said the buzzar would ring and the then no exchange of support, like, dislike will take place. After the buzzar beeps fans from each side becomes permanent fans.

Mandana asked Prince why you change you stand all the time? She said when he was with Rochelle he did not take his own stance, when he was with Suyyash he followed him moreover and When he heard Babaji he got influenced by him. She asked did you have your own stance.


Suyyash said if I become the captian of the house,I can’t make big promises but  I will have my efforts in proving myself.


Kishwer said captain ko tea pi ni hei, she also spoke in English and said I am handing over my captaincy so I can break rules.


Digangana said once the buzzar beeped talks, attitudes of prince changed

Kishwer went to Rochelle and said aaram se so a sone dia jaye ga (She said Rochelle you will be allowed to sleep during day time as Prince has been declared as Captain of the house)


Rimi and Suyyash talked among one another, Rimi said let that bacha (Kid) become Captain, she said how that I am curious to see how that monkey performs. He also said he is not mature while Suyyash is mature.


Rimi talked about Rochelle’s poster image on Bombay time, First time she saw her picture she thought how that innocent looking girl can perform in Big Boss but when she met her in Big Boss house the perception was entirely changed.

Rimi, Suyyash and Kishwer were seen calling her by a different name to which she was upset, she went outside the room and talked about the same with Keith, she said thet were targeting her hindi. She said even though she does not speak as fluent as others but she understands all their conversations and also aptly communicates on Hindi.


Rochelle  and Kishwer argued over Coffee when Prince said every member wont drink more than glass of coffee, when Rochelle had the packet of coffee, Kishwer commented that you can’t drink, to which Rochelle said I know, Rochelle also said  don’t pass personal comment, kishwer said  don’t you have mind, Rochelle said I have and stop doing that. Rochelle said I will not talk to you.

Kishwer said if she does not talk I will not leave my food.

Kishwer clarified that until luxury budget is not handed over me and Aman had to hide the stuff.

Big Boss said the task was stopped without Big Boss’s consent and no one used Blocked user facility.

Big Boss said you did not do the tasks properly. You did not use all options, Later Big Boss declared Prince as captain.


29th October 2015


Kieth told Prince you did not do any wrong with Suyyash and Kishwer, whatever happened was due to the nature of the task

Rochelle discussed with Keith about Prince and said I wanted to give support to Prince.

Prince congratulated Keith and he said your personality will be liked by the viewers.

Big Boss announced a unique task called Baccha jag jaye ga (Baby may wake up). Every task as per it should be done on complete silence. If anyone among the house member talks or utters even a sound then the sleeping toy kid may start crying and the activity will be declared as unsuccessful.

Big Boss did not give any point for fan page task due to obvious reasons but to earn points they have to go through a series of tasks under the banner of Baccha jag jaye ga activity.

Big Boss assigns the first task where one among them will have wear a cap with a rubber/Plastic strap hanging from it.  Captain of the house Prince had to pull the strap and release it. Task should begin once a nearby red light starts revolving and it should go on till the red light stops. Mandana put on the cap with the plastic strap and price pulled it and released it several time till the red was revolving. Even if it was a painful experience Mandana sustained without shouting. They earned 250 points from the task.

Task No-2: Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice bucket task: Digangana accepted the task, as the name of the task signifies the Digangana who accepted the task had to tolerate bucket full ice over her head.

Prince poured 5 buckets full of ice over her head till the red revolving light stopped. Digangana performed the task successfully for which the team earned another 250 more points.



Rimi said I would not have done the task. Rimi and Mandana went into a discussion where Rimi asked about her age, Mandana said she is 27. She also asked Rimi’s age. Rimi said I am 34. Mandana asked when you are getting married ? Rimi replied she has not yet thought of it. May be this year.

Then Mandana aslo asked how many relationships you had in the past ? Rimi said I had only one relationship which continued for 8 years.

Kieth saw Rimi packing her bags, so he asked why you started packing? Rimi confidently said this week I am not going out of the house.

Keith was ready for the new task. The task was tough and it carried 500 points.

It was a moving wheel with shoes tagged to wheel, Keith had to sit showing his hip to the moving wheel, as the wheel moved, and shoes attached to it hit his bum as continuously till the red light stopped. Everyone laughed at the scene where he was hit hard by the shoes on his bum.

18th Day 5.30:  Rochelle asked did you have pain while you performed the task. He said when it touched the center of his bum he felt pain. Rochelle said everyone must be watching this with delight when a hot guy like you performed.

Vikas asked Rochelle was your first boyfriend like Keith? She replied he was cool but not as cool as Keith and he was not interested in my choice profession and this industry. Vikas talked about his relationship.  Rochelle said Keith handles me so well.

Rochelle and Vikas accepted the Safety gear task where they have to put their face on the chin rest of Table tennis Table, and a table tennis player from the other side will hit the ball towards them. They successfully did the task and earned 500 points for the team.

Everyone congratulated Rochelle and Vikas.

Suyyash accepted leg waxing task which carried 500 points: He had to undergo waxing of his legs and he did it successfully.

Shh bacha jag jaye ga. They all did exceptionally well and earned 2000 points. Now they had the right to choose necessary food items with the help of the points earned.

They purchased Chili sauce, coffee power, pickle, rava and ice cream.

Big Boss 9 week 3 day 5

All the house members woke up to sexy lady on phone

Everyone was seen talking to each other and Vikas said we are going to reach the next level.


Big Boss announced:

Big Boss said very normal rules of the house are not adhered, some of the house members think that Big Boss can only complain about the same but he may not punish. Now Big Boss decided to punish the rule breakers. Big Boss asked Prince to take 3 names who he thinks have often broke the rules set for all the members of the house.

Prince took names of Mandana, Yuvika and Rochelle due to their non-adherence to wearing mike, speaking in English and for Rochelle it was sleeping at day time.

Big Boss asked them to go to the double trouble rooms, each one of them entered separate booths and as instructed they put on the headphones.

Big Boss said 4 options will be given for 3 of them out of which 3 of them can choose accordingly by pressing the button.

 1. If one member presses one button:  baki 2 dono gahr ka sara kam kre ge ( 2 of them will do all the work in the house )

2. If two of them press the buttons, 3rd will do all work in the house

3. If all 3 press the buttons besides 3 of them, 2 other members will work.

4. If no one presses any button besides the 3 of them, one member of the house will do all the work.

Later it was revealed that only Rochelle pressed the button, Mandana and Yuvika will do all the work, they will do all cleaning, washing and all work.

Mandana felt upset and told they all should not press the button while Rochelle said I wanted to press so that someone other than use shall not become a victim.

Mandana was upset and discussed it openly with Suyyash and other members of the house. Rochelle said I did not want any other members besides us should be punished.

Aman and Keith said how would one know who would pressed what? Mandana said I did not press or else you would have to work, Mandana was upset about Rochelle and she told that Rochelle was opportunist, Mandana said when she came and big boss announced that she pressed the button she said I got saved. She said Rochelle’s thinking about saving other mebers of the house seems fake. Following which Mandana and Rochelle had a verbal fight.

Keith came to Rochelle said what’s up ? Rochelle said I was not trying to save me. When you go to double trouble room probability may be anything. Saying that she cried.

Rochelle said I knew Mandana will come out and throw allegation. What about the time when she was ill? I was with Mandadan. Rochelle said mandana is unpredictable and cannot be trusted   ? She initially said keith is my best friend than she changed that stand, she then sid kishwer is not good then she has now become her best friend, Keith said Mandana thinks she is right in everything.

Big Boss gave a task called Sachai Ka Saamna where Rimi, Mandana and Aman will tell the good, bad and ugly side of other members

Rimi told  kishwer  I am happy with you, I liked one of your TV show

ugly : Aman told Kihswer as a girl you can take any option but you go out of control. Aman said when you express your opinion you go out of control.

Mandana told Rochelle I am quite irritated, to explain again and agains, Rochelle said this is my personality. Mandana asked Rochelle why you cried. Rochelle said I cried infront of my bf Keith, it’s my option, kis ke sath baat kr na hei kis ke sath hasna hei kis ke sath ro na hei, Rochelle said my thinking was not like that but Mandana asked then why when you came out of double trouble room and said you saved yourself it did sound mean. Aman said Mandana that if you soften your stance you can understand her

Mandadan said prince, when you did quarrel with suyyash, that language was not at all good. To which he explained that they know each other from long and share good friendship, still he agreed that yes I should not have done that.

Rimi told Keith any girl can die for you; you too have leadership quality, if you could handle Rochelle than you can handle any one.

AMAN said KEITH’s breaking point should come little earlier, even if he has his opinions as he express it softly and little late people don’t take him seriously, Please keep your point even if someone does not feel good.

 Kishwer told Mandana that  I am little loud while you are not but rest all qualities are similar.

Yuvika and Mandana were seen working late.  Everyone talked about Wild card entry. Yuvika and mandana talked about dirty pressure cooker.

Big Boss announced a task called Snapdeal ultimate Monday sale 2nd November        

, winning team would buy Fashion and electronic goods for their family members.

As per the task there will be two teams, Team A and B. On the garden area they will see Alphabets on the gound, each team has to pick up the Alphabets and create a sentence, Snapdeal ultimate Monday sale 2nd November.

Yuvika, prince, kishwer, manadan and Arvind won the task as a result of which they ordered fashion and electronic items for their family members

Mandana bought a tablet.

Yuvika’s bought a watch for her brother.

Prince : ordered Phone for his mom

Rimi: Pakoda maker

Kishwer: Power bank, Kishwer got emotional and cried.

Arvind: ordered saari for his wife.


Bigg Boss 9, Full Episode-21, October 30th, 2015, Mandana Jailed, Arvind as week-3 eviction

Saturday with Salman in Bog Boss is all about fun, questions, interaction and Salman’s valuable suggestions, comments for contestants. Salam comes every week to give surprises. Eventually he declares an eviction.

Before Salman Khan came to address the contestants there was a heated argument between Mandana and Prince. Prince asked Mandana to do the assigned work to which Mandana denied, it turned out to be ugly where prince and Mandana were seen with some ugly verbal warfare. Prince as a captain was doing his duty by asking Mandana to work.

Salman Khan later asked the Captain of the house Prince to name a person who breaks rules every time and does not adhere to captains words. Prince said it was Mandana who does not wear mike even after having several warnings from Big Boss; she does not listen to the captain too.

Big Boss had a plan to send the rule breaker, Mandana to put behind the bar for a while. Mandana goes to Jail. Salman asked her why you are in Jail. He also asked about her stand, opinions. Mandana said she thinks from heart while others think from mind. Later he also asked about her cat fights with Rochelle.

Then the time comes for week 3 eviction from Big Boss house. It was time for Arvind to go out of the house. Arvind packed his bags and came out of the house. It was obvious that either he or Rimi would go out of the house. It was better if Rimi will get evicted as Rimi was not performing well; neither was she participating in any task? It seems public voting for Rimi helps her safe for week 3. Even she hinted earlier that she is not going to be evicted in the week-3.

Roopal Tyagi, Ankit Gera and Arvind are out of the Big Boss house through eviction while it is time for two wild card entries.

Puneet Vashist is a confirmed wild card entry. Puneet Vashist is an India television as well cinema actor mostly known for his negative roles. Let’s see if can spread some negativity around the house and threatens the other members of the house. Puneet has recently seen in All the Best with Shah Rukh Khan.

Rishabh Sinha is the other wild card entry to enter the house. Rishabh Sinha had shot to fame with Splitsvilla 7 while he was also seen playing an important role in Qubool Hai.


Salman on Sunday

Salman said I give 100% here even if I am engaged in my upcoming film Prem Rattan Dhan Payo and also taking time for the pending court cases. Though he is truly a busy man in the industry he lives up to commitment. Salman showed his disappointment over the season 9 contestants as they do no give their 100%. He said I am not saying you should fight, shout and create scene in order to get public attention. He was talking about the tasks. Tasks are everything of the show. Tasks indeed define them as a team or an individual. Hence they should give 100% to the task.

If you want to do the task you cannot identify your personality Salman told the contestants.

He also told the members of Big Boss house that the show is not finishing in 2 months. The show will go on as it went on in all the previous seasons. He also said No body is indispensable, aap nahi raho ge koi aur aye ga. He said the show is not completely dependent upon you or me. He also told that how it happened in the previous season, when he left the show at its end due to his film Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Farah came as replacement; likewise if any of the contestants feels that they are indispensable please change their mind as it won’t be a big task to find a replacement.

Salman asked, “Prince you said you understand the tasks, but do you really understand the task? What would you do if you get evicted? Do you just want to go outside, buy a flat for you and get settled? 

He gave a soft warning to Keith that your journey will finish before 2 months if this attitude remains. Salman told Big Boss is all about survival for the fittest.

Salman objected over Digangana’s content mil nahi rahi hei, if you think like this you may not see yourself for long. He also asked what content you need. Salman wanted show what impressions Big Boss 9 contestants have made in the social networking world.

He said as per social media 3 or 4 team participants are focused while the rest are taking everything very casual.

Social media: Salman showed social media site twitter messages about Public opinions over the participants, one message talked about members except 3 or 4 in the house are behaving like paid performers rather than true players. 


Salman read another message where it was written that there is no enthusiasm between contestants, they do not seem to be winning, there is no politics (Salman clarified politics here is no strategy among the participants)

In another message a frustrated viewer wrote, worst season of all Big Boss seasons, fake and boring, I only watch because Salman khan appears on the show in every weekend.

Another viewer wrote Season9 of Big Boss has confused contestants.

Salman made eye contact towards Rochelle and said this season viewers are not getting masala.

Mandana said I understood what he is talking about. Apna faisla khud lo. Suyyash said we have to make it entertaining.

Keith said leave ego enjoy and entertain the audience.

Rochelle told Keith all are playing safe, Keith said you are outspoken and emotional , it is good.

What other members think about them?

Salman called Shaleen Malhotra ( Suyyash’s friend ) and Karan kundra ( Prince’s buddy ) to share their opinions,

Shaleen Malhotra on Suyyash : Opposite what he looks like on BB9. He becomes serious. Salman said from 2 days I too noticed the same. Aman and kishwer jab bandhan mai from there on he turned to switch off mode. Comfot zone se bahar nahi nikal pa rha hei. Kishwer agar nahi hoti ghar pr to he may be performing better. Dono ek dusre ke maslon mai interfere kr tei hei. He said Keith is a threat. Kieth is manipulative and exactly the same like Aman but his reality does not even come to audience notice. Salman said Smart keith. Slamn said either he is genuine and clever. Shaleen said Rochelle is either too intelligent or too dumb. He also said Rochelle has twin personality. She has always difference with her own opinion.

Karan Kundra on Prince:  Karan said capacity of prince is ok but he is performing only 50-60%. He seems confused. Kishwer ke baje se intimidate ho rha hei, his sister said come out of their shadow, but she did not say just cut-off and behave differently. Salman told I think Suyyash is in price’s shadow. Kaun kis ko follow kr rha hei, prince follow kr rha hei kishwer ko, he is trying to please her. He also said prince beware of Mandana and Kishwer (bach ke reh na mandana and kishwer se ). He said Mandaa coming strong, Salman said Mandana can entirely change the game, she is having that capacity. Didi didi kr na band kr de ( Karan said stop behaving as if you are Kishwer’s brother).

Salman came back to the members of Big Boss and asked them to play a game called yes yes no no

Game yes yes no no

1.      Is Rochelle proficient in  Hindi : Everyone raised the No

2.      Mandana ko har topic pr apane upar attention chahiye : most of them said yes

Aman said she get too much into things, ro ja tei hei, she also cries.

3.      Buzzar wala task : Yuvika : ne nahi daba ya , she does not want to take decision : Rimi said peaceful environment rakh na cha tei hei ( Yuvika wants to maintain a peaceful environment in the house, to this Salman said putting your views across would not disturb the peace of the house.

4.      Manadan and kishwer are friends:  Everyone raised No. Rochelle said apna dushman ko bhi dost ke hisba se rakh na hei, in this house no body is her friend.


Mandana said from the beginning I have clarified that no one is family and friends, we are here to play tasks and win, relationship and friendship will change during the course of time.

5  . Suyyash : Aasan target ban gya hei ( He has become a soft target ) :Aman said gussa bahar aya tha,  view that people target ho na sahi hei, Aman clarified due to the anger he showed initially he has become what he is now.

5.      Keith joru ka gulam hei : everyone agreed

Suyyash joru ka gulam hei :  slamn said yes


Prem rattan dhan payo task : Salman said in his upcoming movie prem rattan Dhan Payo he notes everything sonam says in a dairy, then told every member of the house to note down whatever comes in their mind. They all wrote their notes then Salman told to

shuffle the dairies.

Dairy shuffle: start from right:  Suyyash : Suyyash picked up a diary and read it,  thoda sa apna personal decision le te time assertive ho ja tei hei : kishwer said  Rochelle or aman

Yuvika picked up the 2nd dairy where it was wriiten rimi pls enjoy the task :  Everyone knew that’s its Yuvika

Keith picked up the next dairy : mandana kyu ki over react and react kr  rude unnecessary hei : Rochelle everone guessed because of her Hindi.

Rim picked up a dairy: Mujhe Mandana se problem ye hei jab ek baat par aad ja tei hei aad hei ja tei hei : All guessed it was Prince.

Mandana picked up a diary: Prince and Digangana : nothing else was written. Evryone knew that it was Mandana who did not write anything, she later said she did not get time.

Mandana what you wanted to write :  Prince just chill and Digi just don’t chill don’t chill

Suyyash : susu thik se nahi kr te hei ( Does not urinate properly) : everyone laughed and Salman told   problem kya hei susu ke andar, ruk ruk kea ta hei ?

Then everyone said Bath Room gandha hota hei, Aman tissue pot mai gira te hei. Blockage na ho jaye that’s why.

Prince picked up the last dairy where it was written coffee Ek bar pi jaye gi : Prince said it was Aman : Aman said I had no clarity over this.

Snap deal dil ke deal contest winner calls: his name was Hardik :  Hardik said  pricne you have not proved yet , we don’t see the prince, do you think less than a celebrity? Prince clarified that he is trying his best.

Later Sunday eviction time comes. Salman always gives some sort of shock to members, He asked Keith to come out as he is evicted, Everyone surprised to this, Rochelle cried, While keith was coming out Salman said keith you are safe.

Eventually vikas got evicted in the 3rd week.

Big Boss 9 week 3 eviction with Salman Khan Vikas Bhalla evicted


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