Big Boss Day 31st Kishwer kicked by mandana

 Everyone woke up to a famous Hindi movie song.

Mandana asked Aman is Rishabh very clever?

Rimi said there is not weak one in Team A. whom to send out of house?

Kishwer said we will have an opportunity to irritate Rishabh

Kishwer showed some potato mixture was left in the sink. We could have made 4 parathas with that potato mixture. They looked for who did it.

At 11 o clock Big Boss asked all to come to the living area.

Mandana told prince to give me back my shawl and sipper. Rochelle said she saw you taking the shawl and sipper.

Manada said the game has not yet started; it is gunda gardi, ghar ka gunda.

Team has to do the Richshaw task to visit India

At least 3 members have to be there in Rickshaw. BiG Boos said 4 mikes destroyed during the task this time pls take note no liquid should be put to the mikes.

Rochelle, mandana, Aman and Digi and Rishabh went in the Rickshaw.

Prince was seen throwing dirt and touching mandana. That boiled potato on the Team A members. Kishwer said I will frustrate mandana.

Prince then comes and threw water during that time mandana kicked kishwer, It seemed during the game when kishwer and Prince were putting water Mandana tried to save her, she said kishwer pulled my mike towards my neck so she reacted.

Then all of the team B people said they are not going to play. Kishwer said it was humiliating and I DON’T WANT to play, she kicked my stomach.

Suyyash and Prince brought Mandan’s bed outside and put food on her bed. Aman said why you kicked; Mandana said it was a reaction to action. She said you were strangling me with mike belt. Kishwer said I pulled that mike and told to put water on mandana, during that time she kicked kishwer’s stomach.

Mandana said prince touched my back he pulled my T-shirt and put something inside. Kishwer meanwhile told Big Boss to take action.

Kishwer went inside the confession room without her being asked there. She said I don’t want to say hello when Big Boss said hello to her, if you are not taking action against Mandana then please remove me out of the house, the contract says no one can get physical Kishwer told Big Boss. Big Boss said I don’t say you are wrong and she is right but as per what he saw it was a reaction for which mandana has already explained. She demanded Big Boss that I cannot stay with Mandana. When she does wrong people appreciate and even she does not do right even if appreciates.

Big Boss said use of liquid was prohibited, she countered saying liquid was used yesterday and you did not say naything.  Big Boss was in trouble. She said Mandana was their favourite and she gives masala that is why you cannt evict her, if this is the case I am not talking to you.

Kishwer told I am not going to participate but you all go ahead and participate. Prince came and started sparying headspray over their faces. Digangana was highly allergic to the spray so she started getting ill. Big Boss then announced that the Rickshaw task was postponed.

Rishabh and digi discussed, where Rishbah said Digi that it was bhedchal, then he said looking at sleeping members that jo sovat hei vo khovat hei jo jagat hei vo pavat hei. Prince said whose side you are? Kishwer said why you did not take stand as a captain when she kicked? Why you did not say anything to her.

Prince said why you threw water at her? Why kishwer had no need to pull mike? Mandana’s reaction was callous; hence she was straightway nominated for elimination.

Prince said if Rochelle if came anytime to me to say anything to me against Mandana I will show her the way.

Mandana said prince really touched my behind and put something inside my top. She pulled my mike. Prince was upset saying I did not touch your behind and this is disgusting.

Rochelle said I played nice with you, when you played you violated moral rules and hit me on face. She warned not to touch me, hug me and no friendly hug. Kishwer said if she was outside I would have pulled her hair push her to ground.

Kishwer went to Big Boss and asked him to show the footage where she said she tried to strangulate her. Mandana often put off her mikes but no one says anything. Big Boss never said I said you strangulated, Kishwer said what you did? She said I was as angry as her, I could have done more anger, Big Boss said as you did not show anger it was your good quality, Public will see.

It seemed like tussle between Kishwer and Big BOSS

Kishwer said when we will hit we hit on their face (Hum mare ge to mu par mare ge). Prince talked about Mirch ke laddu, he said whenever someone opens their mouth I would put that mirch ka laddu.

Kishwer regretted saying I got a chance to  frustrate her but we are unlucky that the task was stopped.


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