Big Boss Lagaan Task

Lagaan task given to the Big Boss house members was certainly very tough. In the task all the pairs have to work hard in order to pay taxes to the house’s landlords. Kishwer and Aman were appointed as zamindars of the house.

All other house members including the captains have to perform the chakki chalana task in which they have to run a chakki in turns. While one pair run the chakki the other players may engage into other activities in the house such as cleaning the house, preparing food for all members.

Rochelle was seen having a heated discussion with Vikas over having food in between the task. Vikas handled the situation well and showed immense maturity.

Mandana stolen coins from a POT kept by Kishwer and Aman. When she came outside with the coins other members sitting outside did not agree to her idea of stealing and they wanted Mandana to put the coins in the same pot. Mandana initially did not agree to the idea, later she said she will count the coins but as all other members wanted her to put the coins in the pot as soon as possible she went in little anger and kept whatever coins she had in the pot.

Later she was furious and very frustrated, she told that she will not do the task. She had opened her bondage and went straight into the house. Other members objected her when she broke the bondage as she broke the rule of the house.

Mandana wanted to go in the confession room and talk to Bog Boss. Big Boss convinced Mandana that everyone has their opinion and they cannot change their thinking process as per her. She also cried in the confession room.

Later she came out of the confession room and suddenly fell ill. She got severely dehydrated due to the task which demanded staying outside in the sun.

Keith was seen taking Mandana to her bed and consoled her. Even Rochelle cried seeing Mandana ill.


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