Bihar Assembly Polls Results: Nitish Kumar Vs Lalu Yadav

The sixth pahse of Bihar assembly polls took place in 18 maoist affected constituencies between 7 am and 3 pm while in the other 8 constituencies it stretched to 2 more hours. 2 cops killed on satureday’s election while diffusing the landmine planted by Maoist in Nanda village and 9 other injuries were reported. Now as the last pahase of election is over in all 26 constituencies  poll results will be announced on 24th Nov.
Exit Polls figure gives 2/3 majority to JD (U)-BJP allaince with 46% vote share while the RJD-LJP combine is left with 27% and congress as a distant 9% vote.
Long years of caste based politics in Bihar was challaenged by Nitish kumar who won the last election and expected to continue the same trend as the people of Bihar are now more aware and awakened about their won welfare though caste based politics can not be ruled out entirely.
When Nitish kumar contested the assembly election he had vision of projecting and retaing his party image as a party with a central goal of developemnt for the general massesof the state and not caste based politics.
People of Bihar witnessed growth and developemnt, what we call vikas. Real growth in terms of job creation, roads, schools, transport while they experienced an improved law and order. These factors are strongly supportive to nitish kumar. As we know that caste based politics in India can not be ruled out entirely as people from some constituencies believe that though Nitish has made roads still their villages remain poor as they have no water and electricity.
Some argue that during lalu era schools would give ration to their children which they could share with family while Nitish made it mandatory to provide cooked meal to the school children.
Though maoists gave a boycott against the election people dared to caste their right to vote. Groups of CRPF personnel manned the naxal affected areas to protect people from any suspected attack and eventually people came fromtheir homes to caste thir votes without fear making the election successful.
By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Social| Date : November 11,2011

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