Birth Time Rectification methods in Vedic Astrology

BTR (Birth Time rectification- Vedic Astrology)

As Per Jaimini Astrology

Check D-9: 1. AK in D-9 Lagna

2. Lord of AK in D-9 Lagna

3. AK joins D-9 Lagna Lord

4. Planet AK lords the D-9 Lagna

As Per KP

Ruling planets through time chart.

Match Ruling Planets of time chart with actual Ruling planets of Lagna in horoscope


RP’s in Time chart: Lagna star lord, Lagna Sign lord, Moon star lord, Moon sign lord and Day Lord

Should math with ASCD RP’s in similar manner

If Rahu, Ketu happens to be RP then their dispositors should also be considered as RP

Another method

Lagna sub sub lord should match with moon star lord through its star, sub or sub-sub, Direct or indirect linking

Genetical matching

1.       Check if Lagna star lord and Sublord connected to 9th house star lord or sub lord directly or indirectly

2.       Genetic matching as per mother’s, father’s, brother, sister’s star lord

3.       Major events give clue

Another method

Moon SSL, SSSL in time chart should match with Lagna SL or SSL in birth horoscope

At the end it is advisable to pray to GOD before rectifying someone’s birth time. Only GOD knows much more than us. Take some blessings before you predict. Take divine help.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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