Bitsdaq- A scam exchange ?

Bitsdaq launched it's exchange by using the name of Bittrex. It all looked like Bittrex supported Bitsdaq, To promote the exchange they launched a free Airdrop program named BXBC token distribution. In a few days the the free airdrop program suddenly stopped. They have also announced that BXBC token will be traded from April 2019 but it never traded in their exchange.

This is one part of their lie, 2nd part is about deposited money turned into zero. There are many traders who deposited ERC-20 tokens or BTC in Bitsdaq and eventually when they wanted to withdraw it was already turned into zero. Support team was clueless on this.

Do not believe in new exchanges who have lesser reputation, I really dont know how they used the name of Bittrex and convinced people that they have partnered with Bittrex exchange.




    Later it was known that some of the withdrawals took a month to process and finally some got their money back, it seems Bitsdaq has issues in their system.

By Kxxxz@01012.

Company Name : Is Bitsdaq- A scam exchange ?| Title : Crypto coin|Date : May 05,2019

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