BJP-AAP Clash prior to lok sabha Election

Lok sabha elections are round the corner and recently we saw the clashes between BJP and AAP party workers. In Delhi it was in front of the BJP office while in other places the AAP workers are badly beaten up with sticks and in retaliation they had to strike back. As per AAP this is a peace protest which turned into violence. These clashes and violence led to confuse the people of India in terms of the image of the parties and as a result of this  the Congress party may draw some benefits out of this farce.

Congress has been in power from last 10 years and the results are more to do with rising inflation, rise in food and commodity prices and the rise in unemployment. As AAP came to terms in Delhi they showed how people of delhi have been forced to buy water, why the electricity unit rates have gone up during congress era, why the Ambani’s wanted to double the price of gas. They did well during their 40 days, Arvind kejriwal resigned as his chief objective of converting the jan lokpal bill failed miserably dut to opposition from both BJP and Congress. He kept  his promise and he left his position as a chief minister , no one would have done that placed in his position. People blame that they have an eye to win the lok sabha seats, I say what is bad in it, atleast they are trying not to confine themselves to Delhi only. They are indeed trying to break the monopoly of the 2 corrupt parties. There should be healthy contest in every field say it Politics or business. AAP workers are threatened and beaten up which symbolized the insecurity of BJP party leaders and ther workers. Congress here is very clam as they know that such kind of incidents are good for them as they will get some hot news to discuss against both BJP and AAP but people of India are not unwise, they know who is good and who is bad for the future of the country.

Say it BJP or Congress and their leaders, they are leaders as well as scamsters, Don’t forget about the scams which took place during their era. No need to name the scams. Their MLAs and MPs own loads of money and land and all this wealth came from the misuse of power they got from people of this country. Sadly they misused the power given to them by the masses and they had been busy making money for them. One Modi can not change the entire country as long as BJP produces as many leaders like modi. Imagine modi as a prime minister can only do some grand macro level plans but he may not investigate everytime on micro level issues such as corruption at micro level. For instance there are several MLAs of BJP and congress who have been known as bahu-bali leaders and we all know indeed what is the meaning of a bhau-bali leader.

Atleast people from AAP have no criminal background and they have a major agenda of eliminating corruption from the country. Think before you vote.


By : | Category : Politics| Date : March 06,2014

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