Blessed with money, love but still childless

As human beings we have different needs alongside the basic needs. As children we known how secure we feel when we have loving parents, as we grow up and become adults we run through different responsibilities, our parents look at us with confidence when we prove that we can take responsibilities and when they know that we have learnt how to handle life.

Going further we look for love, marry or stay in a relationship. Everything looks perfect when one experiences all lovely phases of life. This is a story about me who has got everything that he wanted from life; being born in a well-off family I had no dearth of money to fulfill my required needs, my parents cared and loved me as the sweetest parents while I have deep love for them.

It was a perfect life as I expected. When you grow up you may have a natural desire of a lady love in your life, I had the same desire and the angel of my life came into my life, my angel was truly an angel and she fulfilled my life with the kind of love that I was looking for. For a few years we got into a relationship and it was a perfect boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, then a time came in our life where we wanted to tie the knot of marriage, there was no objection from my parents even if she was from a different cast and community. Love marriages are not yet widely accepted in India.

There was no bound to our happiness as both of our parents finally agreed on our marriage. We married and seemed settled, for a few years there was no plan of a baby but as time progressed we started to feel that we should have a baby, Ever since we planned that our failure to invite a new life gives both of us frustrated. It’s been a decade since we got married but the agony in our family is about not having a baby. There is pressure from my parents, there are remarks from my relatives, suggestions and concerns from my friends about the same but now I started to feel that all our wishes cannot be fulfilled. I know you readers may think about why I would not consult specialist doctors and why I not offered special worships at temples? I have done all that.

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Some suggested me to adopt a kid but that idea was not something I wanted, don’t blame me for that but it is a personal choice, my mind has not yet convinced on that idea.

Now I started thinking that we may get what we want through our efforts, when it becomes easy we think we have that ability to make it possible but when all efforts fail we start believing that there is something much more powerful than all of us.

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