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It is very strange and cowardly of Air Vistara to delete the picture they tweeted earlier having Major General GD Bakshi, a Kargil war hero and a very known personality in political debates. and two cabin crew,


First of all, Air Vistara’s two beautiful staff had their pic with Major General GD Bakshi and it’s tweeted by their official Twitter Handle, later like a forest fire this picture was trolled by a group of people who condemned of tweet this pic. It was unfortunate that some anti-national trollers trolled Vistara for their goodwill gesture towards a war veteran and the irony was that Vistara removed this pic from their tweet. This is nothing less than a cowardly act by the country’s reputed Airlines company.


This is real shame on the face of trollers who have no regard for Kargil war veteran like Major General GD Bakshi and the biggest shame is that Vistara Airlines removed the picture just to save their skin from a trolling mob.

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