Brave Indian Girls fought with eve-teasers

Rini Biswas, what she did in September 19 was commendable when she fought with the auto auto rickshaw driver who spat on her face and tried to drag her out his vehicle. The incident happened in September 19 when she took an auto rickshaw Madiwala, southeast Bangalore, at 11.30pm. The driver of the auto rickshaw committed to drop her at her doorstep in Maruthinagar.


Things went out of control when the driver dropped her at the main road in the picth dark of the night. When she argued the driver started abusing her, and he spat on her face, Rini’s limit of tolerance crossed and she punched him on his face, The driver then came out and dragged her from the auto, during the tussle she got nail injuries on her face and neck. Luckily some passersby came to control the situation. Rini did a smart job by taking the driver’s photo and calling 100 Number. She lodged a complaint at Madiwala police. Police acted when Rini posted about the incident on FB. In no time it got viral and caught Police commissioner’s attention. The culprit driver was arrested but left an impression to the general masses that action by Bangalore police was only taken after the incident went viral on social media.

Palghar, Mumbai has recently become infamous due to the alleged eve-teasing cases of drivers in that place. Recently Mumbai Police has made it a mandate for all auto drivers to wear uniform and badge to curb such incidents but drivers went on strike in that area.

Recently a tribal woman named Varsha Katela was molested eve-teased by an auto rickshaw driver outside Mumbai Railway station. The brave girl did not tolerate the incident silently rather smashed the front glass of the auto while she was assisted by few other men who threw stones at the auto and damaged the doors, Later a cop came to normalize the situation and took the lady and those men to the police station where a case against the auto driver was lodged.

In Another incident in BARASAT finding a 16 year girl returning home alone few drunken men tried to take undue advantage but they did not knew that they would land themselves into trouble. The girl who was trained in Karate blew them off with her strong karate punches and kicks. Madhyamgram in Kolkata has become a place vulnerable for women. Incidents of rape and molestation are on a rise. The brave girl joined a karate institute knowing that in her place crime against women is on rise.

When she was returning from her karate class the duo who were notorious in that area for their eve-teasing, passing lewd comments and harassing every woman on their way blocked her way, they were drunk, they pushed her to the ground and wanted to pull her away, the girl threw a strong punch on one of the men’s temple and hit the other with a kick. Power of her kicks and series of punched made them fell flat and they flee from the place. Later she lodged a complaint against the duo.


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