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Break ke Baad : Released this Friday
Cast: Imran Khan (Abhay ), Deepika Padukone (Alia), Danish Aslam ( Director ), Producer ( Kunal kohli )
Rating: ***
Break ke Baad is soft supple fluffy love story which is easy to predict and touches some of the important ultra modern attitude toward love. You may feel the story a little better than the previous love-story based releases : I hate love story ( It was rather good to watch a film with the name I love hate story with some element of mystery), Anjana Anjani ( Pathetic in its appeal ) and last but not the least Jhoota hi sahi ( No comments ). This year Bollywood seems to relying upon the idea of superficially glossy romantic stories by imitating the Manhattan type Romantic comodies. Unlike the previous 3 movies Break ke Baad is boring to some extent but has a stint of reality unlike the overwhelming hard to belief characters of the earlier releases.
Break ke Baad has a story written by Aslam and Renuka Kunzru which goes deep down through the plots and sub plots, characters and sub characters, dialogues which sometimes seems unfit for some scenes while some of the dialogues are witty and make sense. Here its is about two childhood friends Abhay ( Imran Khan ) and Deepika Padukone ( Alia ) who discovers softer feelings of love in their teens and then in a fast-moving world people most of the time sacrifice their feelings of love to achieve some special goal in life. In this movie Alia plays career conscious girl who has an ambition to become an actor while Abhay is a light-hearted, protective lover-boy who is constant in Love.
To pursue her ambitious career Alia leaves for Austrial leaving Abhay alone while Abhay chases alia as he realises that he can not live with her childhood sweet-heart, and then the movie take a sweet turn. Abhay makes alia sentimental to some degree as they enliven the past romantic sweet memories and the movie ends with a kind of predictable, illogical end. It seems like the charatcers are more empasised and not the emotions and circumstances.
Abhay and Alia had their first stint of roamnce while wtaching Kuch kuch hota hai as they had their first kiss. Kuch kuch hota hai was emphaised and stuff like Shah Rukh's  style, outstretched arms while singing the song kuch kuch hota Hai was a part of their teen Nostalgia.
Love stories of recent days are mixed with the suppleness of comedy but it seems such formule are still under public scrutinty, I mean only a selective genere of youth can be catered but who knows the audience taste may change as they become used to such films and a time may come in the future when audience may guess about a romantic comedy long befor its release.
In India it seems serious roamnce works when the characters are well-played by strong actors like Shah Rukh,Salman, Saif and so on. People still like to leave everything aside and die to watch a movie sequel of Maine Pyar Kiya,and a sequel of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai may steal millions of hearts, Hum Tum was another classic love story.
Let me know more about Break ke Baad after watching the movie
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : November 10,2011

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