Bruce Lee Horoscope Analysis

Everyone knows about the legendary actor and martial artist Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee attained great fame during his early years of life but unfortunately he did not live long to taste the fruits of his success, fame and wealth.

He was born to an actor parent who was famous in his time. His horoscope shows a cluster of planets in the bad houses. Mars, Moon, mercury and Venus are in 12th house while Jupiter and Saturn are in 6th house. Lagna lord mars is also the 6th lord and placed in 12th house gives Viparita Raj Yoga but this does not signify longevity. 8th lord is also in 12th giving rise to viparita Raj yoga. Viparita Raj Yoga may confer a person with dramatic rise in life giving fame, money and success but it does not guarantee a long life. 12th lord Venus is strongly placed in 12th house giving another viparita Raj Yoga.  His horoscope has a dozen Raj Yogas and yes due to which he lived a life of a monarch all through a short span of life.


12th house was highly afflicted with planets like mars, moon, mercury and Venus. 12th house which is a very mysterious house had played its role. 12th house also denotes addictions, hospitalization, and drug abuse too. I was also suspected that Bruce Lee was on drugs and his doctor warned him for that. As per the medical reports during the shoot of one of his movies he fell almost unconscious and had convulsions. He had a severe headache and he was given a painkiller to reduce the swelling of his brain. That pain killer reacted badly and he died.


During his death he was running Saturn period and Rahu Sub period. Saturn was debilitated in Aries and placed in 6th house with Jupiter. 12th house is certainly a mysterious house. 12th house of self-undoing can make a person spiritually enlightened. Bruce Lee invented a form a martial art called Jeet Kune Do and he shared his knowledge to the world. 12th house of charitable activities came in force.

Moon, Venus or Jupiter 2nd from Arudha makes one a rich king. His 12th house planets Mars,Moon,venus and mercury are 2nd from the Arudha Lagna. While the same set of planets aspect 12th from Arudha which mean he would have incurred lots of expenses mainly from setting up and expanding his business. Saturn and Jupiter also aspect the 12th house from Arudha. When he died he had a net worth of 10 million Dollar but his earned wealth from 2nd from AL turned into losses as he himself did not live to enjoy the wealth.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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