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American Sniper actor Bradley Cooper is a four time Oscar nominee. As per reports Bradley Cooper has turned out to be an excellent cook. Bradley Cooper is preparing himself to be an extraordinary cook for his upcoming movie, Burnt where he plays a chef struggling to gain perfection.

A famous British chef Marcus Wareing is training him for the movie. As per Marcus Wareing, Bradley Cooper took no time in learning his techniques. He said Bradley Cooper was quick in learning how to dress a plate exactly like Marcus Wareing. He also appreciated Bardley’s effort in giving justice to his role as a chef in the movie. Marcus also said he was amazed by the way he learnt his style and copy exactly how he does. He humorously said what it takes a lifetime to have such perfection Bradley Cooper learnt in no time.

Bradley Cooper has his piece of struggle when it comes to achieve a target of losing 40 pounds for an upcoming movie while his current project Burnt made him play a chef where he prepares delicious dishes, does experiments with different dishes. Had it not been a difficult task when it comes playing a chef for Burnt and a character which demands a 40 pound loss in weight for another upcoming movie?

He recently appeared on The Howard Stern Show where he was asked if he had ever slept with Jennifer Lawrence. He answered the question and assured Stern that they always maintained a very platonic relationship and he was never engaged sexually with Jennifer Lawrence.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence worked together in three different projects. It is reported that during American Hustle the duo got close, But Brad clarified that they always kept a platonic relationship.

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